Traducción de disrespect en español:


falta de respeto, n.

Pronunciación /ˌdɪsrəˈspɛkt/ /dɪsrɪˈspɛkt/


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    falta de respeto femenino
    disrespect for sth falta de respeto hacia algo
    • If you make a global show of disrespect for your country, the global community in return will grow disrespect for you.
    • So instead of outright disrespect for the rule, I limit myself to music related sites.
    • Figures reveal that the most common complaint against the force is currently rudeness and disrespect.
    • For some, that is through a lack of understanding, and I pay no disrespect to people who do not understand the issue.
    • Anyone who shows disrespect to Chen and Lu is showing disrespect to Taiwan.
    • These attempts achieved nothing other than to generate international disrespect for Australia as a nation.
    • Asking questions of one's teacher is considered, traditionally, as a challenge and a sign of disrespect.
    • Racist abuse and harassment as well as other forms of cultural disrespect were the most common form of incident reported.
    • No disrespect intended, but under a hat, your sticking-out hair gives you the look of a clown…
    • Where are the demands for respect for the office of prime minister, and the harsh penalties for those who show disrespect?
    • Certainly I mean no disrespect to the clubs and their core volunteers.
    • This bill shows the government's disrespect for basic human rights and established legal principles.
    • But such utter disrespect and scandalous behavior never marked those debates.
    • They've all taken it in good part, though, and they realise that it's just a bit of fun and that no disrespect to them or their homeland is intended.
    • No disrespect to the lads who play in the reserves but I'm 30 and don't need the technique work any more.
    • No disrespect to Mrs Griggs, but she doesn't actually live here.
    • It will be a mark of disrespect to rip out our memorials.
    • I mean no disrespect to Canada's freestyle ski team, whoever they might be.
    • For far too long they've plundered the pockets of the citizens of this country and treated us with utter disrespect.

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    don't disrespect your aunt no le faltes al respeto a tu tía
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    (law/rule) no respetar
    • And how, given that I do view these and many other cultures with contempt, am I supposed to provide them with respect, without disrespecting my own views?
    • I often feel like stopping someone in mid-sentence and saying to them that I feel insulted and disrespected by their language.
    • I cannot see him disrespecting another young woman.
    • It has to do with respecting yourself and not disrespecting the game.
    • No one disrespected an elder, and no one so much thought of attacking one without more than ample reason.
    • Yet, at the same time the play presents male characters who dominate scenes by disrespecting both young and old female members of the community.
    • As long as you're not disrespecting someone who's a fellow respected pro skater then you can't really worry about it.
    • Instead of respect, you will start disrespecting anybody and everybody.
    • ‘I cannot, as leader of our party and the government caucus, tolerate behavior that demeans and disrespects others,’ Martin said.
    • This administration disrespects the truth, because they have a different credo.