Translation of disruptive in Spanish:


perjudicial, adj.

Pronunciation /dɪsˈrəptɪv/ /dɪsˈrʌptɪv/


  • 1

    (influence) perjudicial
    (influence) negativo
    (factor) perturbador
    all these interruptions are very disruptive todas estas interrupciones perjudican el desarrollo normal de la clase (or del trabajo etc.)
    • he has a record of disruptive behavior siempre ha causado problemas de disciplina
    • a disruptive pupil un alumno problema
    • It recently balloted its members on the refusal to teach a pupil who had a long-term record of disruptive behaviour.
    • The disruptive behaviour of a small minority of pupils can wreak havoc in the classrooms and corridors.
    • Teachers said he was disruptive and his behaviour put other pupils at risk.
    • The pupils said the boy was known for his disruptive behaviour and had been acting up in the lesson that day.
    • A dedicated post to tackle disruptive behaviour on council estates will be created by Kingston Council.
    • Parents of disruptive pupils have somehow to be involved positively.
    • There is no meaningful inclusion for the disruptive pupil, and it is not rewarding nor satisfying for staff.
    • Goddard admits that his disruptive behaviour was akin to engaging in battle and resulted in his expulsion.
    • In this case, the family have agreed to reform their disruptive behaviour in a pioneering legal deal.
    • So the source of destructive and disruptive black behaviour is not in their culture.
    • Many teachers are also angry at what they claim is a lack of funding for support to deal with disruptive pupils.
    • It is also meant to avoid the disruptive ethnic divisions that reside in partisan politics.
    • His behaviour was disruptive and he was arrested for motoring offences.
    • Their disruptive behaviour means that they often miss much of the teaching that is going on.
    • It is disruptive of received ways of understanding the world or even of other places.
    • A more straightforward, and less disruptive, solution to this problem would be to make the tests harder.
    • There's been no prolonged bad weather so it's been less disruptive than normal.
    • They have brought these children up to be disruptive and offensive.
    • At an early age he began to show signs of stubborn and disruptive behavior.