Translation of dissenter in Spanish:


disidente, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈsɛn(t)ər/ /dɪˈsɛntə/


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    disidente masculine, feminine
    they were early dissenters from papal authority fueron de los primeros en rebelarse contra la autoridad papal
    • After all, the First Amendment aims to protect the outsider, the dissenter, the protester: those without institutional protections.
    • This was Kant's judicious way of amending Rousseau's notorious maxim, that, in a state founded on the social contract, the dissenter must be forced to be free.
    • Mr Hague took a sterner approach to dissent by moving party policy to the right and banishing dissenters from the front bench.
    • Harlan was the lone dissenter in the Civil Rights Cases, and though he dissented in Lochner, he also either wrote or joined some of the most significant liberty of contract cases.
    • Powell dissents on the same grounds but he's a dissenter who should be sent packing.
    • The rationality of the dissenters, their credentials, was enhanced, not diminished by this kind of reaction.
    • We thank you all, everyone, even the dissenters, for being with us tonight.
    • In public debate the loud dissenters are steeped in the liberal creed.
    • With just a few dissenters, those at the meeting voted to send a delegation to meet with Trevor Mallard to discuss the future of the school.
    • Nothing, of course, justifies physical attacks on dissenters, but one does wonder whether some provocation was not involved.
    • This would have encouraged dissenters to feel they are part of a national family, rather than outcasts only fit for punishment.
    • These views were common on the left, despite some dissenters, and to a considerable extent they still are.
    • Some of the dissenters, provoked by the police use of tear gas against them, responded by torching Gabriel's house.
    • Without the change, dissenters could argue that, given the Senate numbers, compromise was essential.
    • In such instances, dissenters have a chance to go beyond a statement of what they, in theory, would do on an issue.
    • Successful propagandists must also discourage dissenters who might disrupt the party line.
    • All dissenters have been systematically and ruthlessly eliminated.
    • I haven't read the case closely, but my sympathies lie towards the dissenters.
    • The four dissenters responded with several options they considered workable.