Translation of dissoluble in Spanish:


disoluble, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈsɑljəb(ə)l/ /dɪˈsɒljʊb(ə)l/

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    • It is also working on a niche segment of taste-masked PFIs of various APIs, which can be compressed into palatable quick - dissoluble tablets, mainly, for pediatric and geriatric segments.
    • When my wife and I went in for the requisite premarital investigation, the pastor asked each of us if we realized that our impending marriage was dissoluble only upon death.
    • In the absence of consummation, the union was questionable at best and easily dissoluble without debasing the sacrament of marriage.
    • Toni assures everyone that this ‘Niagara’ is not eternal but dissoluble.
    • The dissoluble electrode is formed by a central layer having outer layers disposed on either plane side thereof.
    • The five other types of marriages that are dissoluble are as follows.