Translation of distantly in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdɪstəntli/ /ˈdɪst(ə)ntli/


  • 1

    the two concepts are distantly related los dos conceptos están vagamente relacionados / tienen alguna relación entre sí
    • we are distantly related somos parientes lejanos
    • a distantly remembered episode un incidente que recordaba (or recordaban etc.) vagamente
    • However, this problem should be studied in more detail considering both distantly related and closely related species.
    • Third, the more distantly related two individuals are, the more different their micro-satellites will be.
    • Apparently the evolutionary pattern of distantly related sequences should be described differently from that of closely related sequences.
    • It is distantly related to Cantonese and other Chinese dialects, and closely related to Lao and Thai.
    • Then all the genes in a new network should be closely related to each other, and only distantly to the old network.
    • Bulgarian is a south Slavic language, closely related to Serbo-Croatian and Slovenian and more distantly to Russian.
    • We observed a slight correlation in the month of birth for closely spaced siblings, but not among more distantly spaced offspring.
    • The leaves have a smell somewhat reminiscent of celery very distantly crossed with fennel, though I've heard somewhere that the plant is poisonous; it certainly looks the part.
    • Perhaps distantly connected, however, is the issue currently circulating of whether academics should journal at all.
    • Koushkani is a master of the Tar, a Persian instrument reminiscent of the Greek bouzouki or, more distantly, the mandolin.
    • At Oxford, she fell somewhat distantly in love with the poet and gifted linguist Frank Thompson.
    • Funny being distantly caught up in a media squabble though.
  • 2

    (nod/greet) con frialdad
    • ‘It's a Jolly Roger,’ she says, and smiles distantly.
    • He smiled faintly, distantly, and stared into the fire.
    • Maud smiled distantly, as if reveling in some personal dream.
    • Now, however, she just smiled at him distantly, put the tea on the table and walked away.
    • Saire smiled distantly as he put an arm about her shoulder and ushered her back inside.
    • He answered almost distantly, turning to her with something of a sad smile.
    • Their generation, I imagine, experienced the war more distantly as a disturbed era that ended in national humiliation.