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dilatar, v.

Pronunciación /dəˈstɛnd/ /dɪˈstɛnd/

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    • Additionally, there were a few children in the group with thin frames and distended bellies which I normally associate with malnutrition.
    • Her head is swollen and her tiny stomach distended.
    • She is now visibly pregnant, at least, with her clothes off, her belly distended with you and everything around her waist thickening.
    • After many days I noticed my belly was becoming distended.
    • In April 2003, a young Kazakhstani boy was taken into hospital for an operation on his unusually distended stomach.
    • Then she noted that its belly was distended, and moved slowly.
    • This morning, it's a dead bird on the small porch, legs up in the air, claws gripping nothing, stomach distended.
    • A very distended stomach is sometimes visible.
    • Also I'd just had a large helping of pudding at lunch and my stomach was bloated and distended, making seatbelt use out of the question.
    • He looked dapper in a blue suit, jacket unbuttoned, showing a stomach distended as if he had swallowed a basketball.
    • The carbon dioxide in soft drinks can distend your stomach.
    • In other words, put something into the lungs that will put pressure on them and distend them, and at the same time, be safe.
    • This new pressure distends the ventricles, stretching surrounding nerve fibers and compressing the periventricular parenchyma.
    • He was huffing and puffing something fierce, distending his cheeks with every exhalation.
    • The ascending aorta was enlarged and distended.
    • The abdomen was mildly distended, but ascites was not evident.
    • At present he is thin, has severe jaundice and his body is distended as his own liver has become swollen and hard.
    • ‘Bad luck, Paul,’ she says, reflexively rubbing her sore, distended abdomen.
    • His abdomen was severely distended, with liver and spleen palpable to just above the pelvic brim.
    • The breathing pattern should be observed, and the patient should be asked to distend the abdomen and then flatten it.

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