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destilador, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈstɪlər/ /dɪˈstɪlə/

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    destilador masculino
    destiladora femenino
    • Often, representatives from distilleries, including master distillers, make the rounds and are available to meet with staff.
    • What makes grappa unique and one of the worlds great spirits is the incredible aromatics that dedicated master distillers can extract.
    • By the mid-1700s, Parliament passed laws eliminating small gin makers, leaving production to big distillers.
    • Now that sherry is no longer shipped in cask, some Scotch whisky distillers in Scotland have their barrels ‘broken in’ in Jerez with sherry.
    • Because of this set-up, he is able to bring in master distillers to speak to the bar staff.
    • In 1966, four of the five remaining Irish distillers banded together as the Irish Distillers Group.
    • There were no longer many small distillers producing varying kinds of whisky and spirits throughout the country.
    • Down one flight of stairs, in the tiny Green Room, the master distiller of the Buffalo Trace bourbon distillery is giving a master-class tasting.
    • The distiller recommends only drinking the 180 proof poteen with mixers.
    • For some time, distillers have used wood and age to make their single malts stand out.
    • Also on the schedule are visits to olive oil makers, a smoked salmon firm and a pisco distiller.
    • In fact, the world's tasters, master distillers and blenders have long realised that whisky and champagne evolve in the bottle.
    • Now, he's importing a range from two Martinique distillers.
    • So sure were distillers of this, that they pursued legal protection of the term ‘tequila.’
    • Regional differences have been broadly emphasized in the past by distillers, but as a marketing tool, the story has already been told.
    • As distillers refined the process of making gin, it became more palatable, even without sugar.
    • Recently, there has been more activity in the category as distillers see new opportunities.
    • There are big opportunities here for companies such as Scotch whisky distillers which can sell unique or interesting products.
    • Another includes three styles from the same distiller.
    • The distiller's small batch collection also conducts bourbon tastings across the country.