Translation of distracted in Spanish:


trastornado, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈstræktəd/ /dɪˈstraktɪd/


  • 1

    (person) trastornado
    (look) enajenado
    she was distracted with grief/anxiety estaba trastornada por la pena/por la angustia
    • Anna looked up, momentarily distracted by the noise her friends were making.
    • Grace was too distracted by the thought of getting dirt in her brand-new white shoes.
    • As you said she's easily distracted so she doesn't quite pick up on things.
    • I never heard anything but I was somewhat distracted at the time.
    • People are briefly distracted, Gable concedes, but she says the boost in morale makes it worthwhile.
    • Suddenly his eyes averted over my head and he seemed distracted for a moment.
    • Hands-free devices are not considered to be safer as the driver is still distracted.
    • I was distracted for a second and realized I had traveled a bit off the road.
    • He seemed distracted for a second, and then grinned and slung himself up into his bunk.
    • But I tried not to get distracted from the task at hand.
    • But we should not be distracted from the real issues it could not investigate.
    • In the hallway I was distracted by crying sounds, a woman's cry.
    • They were distracted by a dull thumping sound from the other side of the room.
    • While contemplating her mother's advice, Fannie was distracted by a sound.
    • But like a child whose attention is easily distracted, he turned his attention back to Michelle once again.
    • The driver is so distracted by a milkshake that he almost plows right into the back of another car!
    • These days I'm so distracted by the arguments over it that I cannot concentrate on teaching my students.
    • Okay, so she was distracted and confused a lot of the time, but some strange qualities are endearing.
    • I rubbed my forehead and tried to concentrate, but I was distracted again by a passerby consuming a large, warm cinnamon roll.
    • Doubting she would be distracted enough by that to forget it, Adam quickly tried to think of something else to say.