Translation of distracting in Spanish:


que distrae, adj.

Pronunciation /dəsˈtræktɪŋ/ /dɪˈstraktɪŋ/


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    que distrae
    he found her presence very distracting su presencia le impedía concentrarse / lo distraía
    • The color of your clothes or the paint on your buckler can be equally distracting.
    • Becoming overly upset about a single ball can be very distracting.
    • The very loud conversation going on next to me is very distracting.
    • Even with the sound turned off, television is distracting.
    • Second, some of the fonts encountered are more distracting than useful.
    • The use of shadows in particular is enchanting without being distracting.
    • I found the guitar accompaniment was often distracting from the lyrics.
    • Miss Elizabeth Bennet was far too distracting to be allowed to remain at Netherfield.
    • Oddly, none of the other images are felt to be equally distracting.
    • I am concerned that reading during a procedure is distracting.
    • Having lots of other stuff in the background is distracting.
    • There is some softness to the image that becomes a bit distracting at times.
    • I think the audience finds it a distracting piece of information.
    • Unfortunately, that distracting arrow follows you around like a Labrador puppy.
    • I found working in Great Britain very distracting.
    • This is partly due to the fact that the proposition is not distracting.
    • One could imagine that the light from the displays would be distracting to others in the audience.
    • At my last work I shared an office with four people and I didn't find them distracting at all.
    • She prefers the silence and solitude of the field to the distracting quick pace of urban living.
    • Edge effects are present from time to time, but they are not distracting.