Translation of distribution in Spanish:


distribución, n.

Pronunciation /ˌdɪstrəˈbjuʃ(ə)n/ /dɪstrɪˈbjuːʃ(ə)n/

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    • 1.1

      (of leaflets, money, food, chores) distribución feminine
      (of leaflets, money, food, chores) reparto masculine
      (of dividends) reparto masculine

    • 1.2Business

      distribución feminine
      distribution network red de distribuidores
      • If the distribution channel is selected incorrectly, the brand will decline rapidly.
      • Whirlpool gets a new distribution channel for its appliances and a cut of the tuition.
      • Another challenge is the loose grip on the major distribution channel in the market.
      • The wholesalers add value by holding stock and assisting in the distribution process.
      • Part of the plan is to speed up and improve the process of distribution and management of the patch distribution process.
      • The kit will be sold through D-Link's authorised retail, reseller, and distribution partners.
      • The distribution of the first tranche is now set to take place on 12 September.
      • His father then started his own food distribution business supplying fine food, poultry and game to restaurants and hotels.
      • Three containers per month are shipped to Europe for distribution into retail outlets.
      • It is anticipated that one of the major regional companies would take over both the supply and distribution of fuel.
      • Manufacturers often form their own distribution systems, which carry only their own brand.
      • These cartels often provided marketing and distribution services for members.
      • As a proven cost-cutter, Hurd will have to trim expenses related to distribution and supplies.
      • There cannot be much in it for the producer with all the distribution and retailer costs.
      • The joint venture with a Mexican firm will cater to the marketing and distribution demands of the local market.
      • Their goal was to establish a viable relief supply distribution network within a specific time frame.
      • Then they will be sent for distribution to Barnardo's retail stores and projects in and around the region.
      • As the amount and speed of distribution of merchandise increased, so ways of transacting business also changed.
      • Approximately 250 refrigerated trucks are used to transport Turner products from regional distribution centers.
      • The poster measures 19 by 21 inches and is available at various distribution centers.

  • 2

    (range, spread)
    distribución feminine
    • She also said weight distribution made a difference, as characterised by apple and pear-shaped bodies.
    • We corrected death rates for differences in age distribution and sex.
    • One of these differences is the distribution and quantity of acidic and basic residues.
    • Moreover, there were differences in the anatomic distribution by age categories.
    • Firstly, we charted the specialty specific distribution of the numbers of people in each trust waiting six months or longer.
    • Local displacement rates were deduced from the spatial distribution of relative elongation rate.
    • You will see that over successive years the relative distribution of these two species has been reversed.
    • No differences in distribution of the bacteria were found between the spray and placebo groups.
    • Air moving within the cloud causes huge differences in the electrical distribution.
    • Next we estimate the density distribution and the dimensions along the bilayer normal.
    • In addition, the spatial distribution of this resource promotes different foraging strategies in these birds.
    • However, the profiles of the posterior probability distributions were proximate.
    • To this precondition, we add the requirement of an unequal distribution of wealth.
    • Anybody who wants a democratic society cannot accept excessively uneven income distribution.
    • In effect, the position of the first QTL follows a uniform distribution over the length of the chromosome.
    • Our results show how biotic and abiotic effects operate synergistically to determine the distribution of these species.
    • Some would say this does not address the very uneven distribution of resources.
    • In 1997, Mitchell proposed a new hypothesis for the bimodal size distribution of mutant colonies.
    • The altitudinal distribution of Earth-surface processes is controlled by all these factors.
    • Where distributions overlap, a camp site may be shared by two or three flying fox species at a time.