Translation of district court in Spanish:

district court

tribunal de distrito, n.


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    (in US)
    tribunal de distrito masculine
    • The bill calls for jurisdiction of the district court and of the High Court.
    • The court of appeals affirmed per curiam a dismissal by the district court for want of subject matter jurisdiction.
    • At one point, he discusses what he found out as a law clerk to a federal district court in North Carolina.
    • Although the case was lost, the Supreme Court overturned the decision of the federal district court in 1974.
    • Nevertheless, the appeals court reached the same bottom line that the district court had.
    • Doing that was like asking a district court to review a Supreme Court decision.
    • It usually takes one week for a copy of a Supreme Court's verdict to reach the prosecutors via a district court.
    • A federal district court has issued a temporary restraining order against the defendants.
    • He was acquitted by an Oslo district court in early 2003 and again by an appeals court later that year.
    • He was convicted by a federal district court in New York of fraud, conspiracy and making false filings.
    • The courts opted to consolidate the cases in an Illinois district court.
    • When I lost before the federal district court, I decided to represent myself on appeal.
    • As such, it should come first before the district court, not the court of appeals.
    • I argued those matters myself before both the district court and the court of appeals.
    • I suggest that the practice which should be followed by the clerks and justices in the district court in this matter should be as follows.
    • It seems to me to be an extraordinary way to conduct litigation involving large sums of money whether in a district court or anywhere.
    • In any case, the federal district court quite rightly held the policy unconstitutional.
    • In this paper today, you will read about cases that have come before the district court concerning breaches of the criminal law.
    • The cost of carrying a case through the district court and the Court of Appeals finally to the Supreme Court itself is enormous.
    • The district court dismissed our claims without even hearing an argument.