Traducción de distrust en Español:


desconfiar de, v.

Pronunciación /dɪsˈtrəst/ /dɪsˈtrʌst/

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verbo transitivo

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    desconfiar de
    no fiarse de


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    desconfianza femenino
    recelo masculino
    distrust of sth/sb falta de confianza en algo/algn
    he looked at them with distrust los miró con desconfianza / recelo
    • But it reflects the public distrust of the police.
    • They reflect an inherent distrust of artistic or intellectual pursuits.
    • Public distrust of the government pops up all over the place.
    • The initial inquiry triggered sensational newspaper headlines and aroused widespread distrust of the state's public hospital system.
    • Many of his poems show an intense distrust for machinery, which is not surprising for poets of that age.
    • Broad masses of the population are alienated from both parties and view their nominees with deep-seated distrust.
    • He regards me with a look that manages to combine confusion and profound distrust.
    • There can also be little doubt that cynicism and distrust of politicians has never been greater.
    • The big picture issues simply wash over people, lost in the public's distrust of politicians.
    • Such a perspective may reflect a basic distrust of the bureaucratic structures of many unions.
    • He expresses total distrust in the broad masses of the people.
    • Such traditions often express a distrust of the meditative process and warn their adherents against its practice.
    • Two major factors contributed most powerfully to the discontent and distrust expressed by the family and consumer groups.
    • Euphemisms are a quick fix for a debate context, but they breed distrust of even the most benign ideas.
    • Ambiguity breeds distrust and a loss of credibility.
    • As somebody once remarked, distrust of authority should be the first civic duty.
    • Overweening distrust of authority can lead to blindness as much as to liberation.
    • At the time he also saw deepening distrust and hostility among the races taking root.
    • Paradoxically, the distrust is further fuelled by the desertion of an assistant counsel on the team last month.
    • The distrust created in the aftermath of the scandals is still part of the landscape.