Traducción de disturbing en español:


inquietante, adj.

Pronunciación /dəˈstərbɪŋ/ /dɪˈstəːbɪŋ/

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    (news/development) (worrying, upsetting) inquietante
    (news/development) (worrying, upsetting) perturbador
    (news/development) (alarming) alarmante
    I found the play deeply disturbing la obra me afectó mucho
    • viewers may find some of the scenes disturbing algunas escenas pueden herir la sensibilidad del espectador
    • The plight of the working class in Dublin at this time was disturbing.
    • The implications of private ownership of knowledge are deeply disturbing.
    • The picture is also more than a little disturbing.
    • The hourly records disclosed show a number of disturbing features.
    • Of late, the stock market has been making some disturbing noises.
    • The programme makers said they had decided to show the tape, despite its disturbing character, on the grounds of public interest.
    • Without a doubt, we are living in a disturbing new world, where what was once unthinkable has become reality.
    • The following post contains disturbing images not intended for most viewers.
    • The results, which must be disturbing to the various ruling elites, are all the more striking.
    • I see a very disturbing trend developing on Net discussion boards.
    • More disturbing are the measures for funding the package.
    • Even more disturbing, the title song is an ode to a rat.
    • I do appreciate that he shed some light on the disturbing topic.
    • The only thing I find more disturbing is the lack of public outcry over this outrage.
    • By far what was most disturbing was that he kept talking about the price.
    • Avary has written a disturbing work that fairly pulses with a depressing energy.
    • Even more disturbing is recent evidence that the fungus may spread through the air.
    • The result is an indictment of the current political system as disturbing as any ideological tract.
    • He is bringing in something new and unexpected and disturbing.
    • According to Samuelson, Japan pioneered the new stagnation and the parallels are disturbing.