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desuso, n.

Pronunciación /dɪsˈjus/ /dɪsˈjuːs/

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    desuso masculino
    to fall into disuse caer en desuso
    • the hinges have become stuck through disuse las bisagras están atascadas por el desuso
    • Most of the money is being used for refurbishing properties which have fallen into disrepair and disuse.
    • However, the ancient Egyptians, who made good bread themselves, did not abandon barley; and it did not fall into general disuse.
    • This was all in high school, and years of disuse and neglect have made my Spanish skills rustier than a Gary, Indiana steel mill.
    • It remains the case, however, that the term itself has fallen largely into disuse, especially within professional circles.
    • These are clues, but all are disconnected by their season of disuse.
    • It's been so long since we had a good operation that the equipment is deteriorating - not through wear and tear, but through disuse.
    • Vehicles lying in disuse in open space, waiting for the lengthy trial procedures to be completed, often become scrap having no value.
    • After more than a decade of disuse since being given a half-million pound revamp, plans are afoot to open part of Hellifield Station in time for Easter.
    • The ankle high grass that surrounds the building and the closed doors and windows indicated past and current disuse respectively.
    • In addition, I have started on some abdominals and have dusted off my ab wheel which was becoming more of a piece of garbage on account of disuse.
    • It's been in disuse for the last few years - war superseded their need for it.
    • It's a notion that has gone into disuse over the last ten or 15 years.
    • Another such symbol of triumph is the Richards Town Park, which was in a state of disuse and used as a den by drug addicts about eight years ago.
    • Most of these, however, are either in disuse or are seldom operated.
    • Now after many years of disuse, it will be a centre celebrating the unique cultural wealth of the Irish and Irish in America.
    • Only real spiritual power has become rusty through prolonged disuse.
    • It was revived yesterday after years of disuse to coincide with the opening of the area's new police headquarters at Whitebirk.
    • The paper reports the device was placed in a building at an electrical station that had been in disuse for around ten years.
    • But it still had an air of recent disuse, despite the best efforts of the team from World Snooker to get the venue ready.
    • Everything about it breathes disuse: the rusting iron grille in front of the main door, the lack of any sign.