Translation of dither in Spanish:


ponerse muy nervioso, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdɪðər/ /ˈdɪðə/

See Spanish definition of titubear

intransitive verb

  • 1US

    (become agitated)
    ponerse muy nervioso
  • 2

    (be indecisive)
    I was dithering over whether to go or not no sabía si ir o no ir
    • While other sporting associations and organisations vacillated and dithered and dallied, the GAA got on with it.
    • It's a very small-scale event, so please don't dither, dally or delay.
    • Because hanging around while someone dithers over their order was getting between him and his carefully crafted lifestyle.
    • There must be no more discussion, delay or dithering on building this interceptor tunnel.
    • The government has been warned to stop dithering and delaying over its Crossrail plans for Kingston.
    • Dibden Bay and Southampton have been delayed and they are dithering about Bathside.
    • They dithered and faltered and could not get the roll-out of the leadership coup over to the public or even amongst themselves.
    • Time and again he dithered and dallied on the baseline.
    • While the Government dithers, the project continues to suffer mind-boggling cost escalation at the rate of Rs. 55 lakh a day.
    • As the Government dithers on the matter, he said, cancer sufferers in Waterford, Kilkenny, Wexford and Carlow are dying.
    • While the FDA dithers, the case against selling EC over the counter weakens by the day.
    • Meanwhile, as she dithers, I put more and more things into boxes.
    • In the face of this, official Ottawa dithers and slithers, hoping questions about Arar will go away.
    • We're still dithering over the Future Fund and talking of parking spare shares there.
    • Yet the CEOs and the Boards of Directors still dithered and their share prices were unshaken.
    • While the government dithers, the awful record of deaths at work gets worse.
    • The limited access to anti-retrovirals and national government's dithering further dims their future.
    • The longer that the government dithers, the deeper we get into debt.
    • Still, we dithered around with first one idea and then another.
    • And so Danny just stood in the background whilst the soldiers dithered around trying to make things safe.


  • 1

    he's in a real dither about the concert está (lo que se dice) neura con lo del concierto informal
    • their unexpected arrival threw her into a dither llegaron sin avisar y se puso muy nerviosa
    • After what seemed like an eternity of debate and dither, Winters finally smashed his kick high and to the left of Gallacher.
    • The fresh wave of rhapsodic dither on the director's sociopolitical acuity was inevitable.
    • Why all this dither about what's modern and what's not?
    • His moment of authority coming as it does after an evening of dither and doubt is a well thought out and crafted piece of acting.
    • It was entertaining to see them caught in a dither of priorities.
    • Veterans are disappointed if not a little angered by the dither and delay which means the collection is now going 100 miles away.
    • ‘It is time the Government ended the dither and delay,’ Mr Burstow said.
    • Intel's obviously in a bit of a dither about this.
    • It's the day of the murder-mystery fundraising event and Colleen's all in a dither.
    • After Clark and I returned home from our oceanic bonding session, we walked in the door to find the whole house in a dither.
    • With Hong Kong in a dither, Shanghai is quickly gaining prominence as the gateway to China.
    • But still, the whole experience can send me into a tissy and a dither and you don't want Halley in either of those places.
    • Mary charged out of the room in an obvious dither.
    • In DXD mode, dither is selectable for stereo and surround monitors, but you must not use it.
    • Image processor using both dither and error diffusion to produce halftone images with less flicker and patterns
    • Instead, the government opted for dither and funk.
    • The Empress is in a dither about the sprinklers again.