Traducción de ditzy en español:


con cabeza de chorlito, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdɪtsi/


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    con cabeza de chorlito coloquial
    • And just because I'm blonde and a cheerleader doesn't mean that I'm stupid and ditzy.
    • She liked her message, even if it was sort of stupid and ditzy.
    • She seemed more giddy, ditzy and seemed entirely too comfortable with the current crowd of males she was attracting.
    • There aren't naturally stupid or ditzy people at our school mind you.
    • My worst fear was that I would falter and look like some stupid ditzy girl.
    • This is a first, she's generally really ditsy looking, though don't let that fool you.
    • I'm very girly, very into fashion, and I can be more than a little ditzy.
    • Her neck wouldn't even squish; it's just a tether for that ditzy helium-balloon head of hers.
    • Even when they're on the ditzy side, these women still know what to do.
    • If he does, I'll bet he lumps me in with the rest of the ditzy girls in our class.
    • I can be ditsy at times like Bridget and, most important, we share the same sense of style.
    • If you always play a ditsy blond, take the role of a brilliant brunette.
    • She is kind of ditzy, though, but she has good intentions.
    • Though she tended to be ditzy at times, she was a great friend.
    • I just hope it isn't my luck that I get some ditzy valley girl, or some brain-dead heartthrob.
    • Though she could be a bit ditzy at times, Jenny was a genuinely nice person who had more friends than she could count.
    • I headed over to the table we usually occupied and spotted them all pointing towards where Stephanie and her ditzy comrades were sitting.
    • His co-workers, including the ditzy DeeDee, appear to be as miserable as Joe is.
    • All the other cheerleaders have brains and aren't as ditzy.