Traducción de diversify en español:


diversificar, v.

Pronunciación /dəˈvərsəˌfaɪ/ /daɪˈvərsəˌfaɪ/ /dʌɪˈvəːsɪfʌɪ/ /dɪˈvəːsɪfʌɪ/

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verbo transitivo diversifies, diversifying, diversified

  • 1

    (approach/investment/products) diversificar
    • Most diversified companies get that way through acquisitions.
    • But even he concedes that diversified companies with less advertising exposure are worth entertaining in this environment.
    • It's a broadly diversified company that is AAA-rated.
    • From its origins in shipping, the company became a major, diversified international company.
    • As a proprietor, Chan diversified the business to include metal products for interior decoration.
    • We have also diversified our business model and now provide a lot of consulting and support to our clients in addition to software.
    • More generally, it seems that diversified businesses grow faster and growth tends to be greatest if the diversification is unrelated.
    • During the second half of the period, stamp issues reflected more diversified Canadian business activity.
    • ‘We expect to be a more diversified company; we expect to be a larger company,’ Foster says.
    • Soon Mr Doig had diversified his business interest.
    • We have to make diversified business so attractive financially in the Bahamas, that it negates the threat of natural disaster.
    • Nino said more diversified businesses will survive better during tough times.
    • Maintaining family control while building publicly traded, widely diversified media corporations is not easy.
    • Today people are diversifying their business interests and entrepreneurs are pursuing new ideas.
    • Thus, the producers who adopted weekly farrowing were the larger, less diversified producers with greater farm asset value.
    • Within a few years of arriving in Dublin, McKillen began diversifying his business interests.
    • But they also are structured to diversify the company.
    • Recently, he diversified his operations by launching an asset management firm.
    • By the end of the war Kidman was also diversifying his business.
    • The company is also diversifying its product mix to attract new customers.

verbo intransitivo diversifies, diversifying, diversified

  • 1

    to diversify into sth
    • But many of the best financial companies have diversified into other businesses that won't be hit by rising rates.
    • As Haines notes, other non-dairy companies have diversified into milk-based products.
    • The company has recently diversified into sports management and ticket sales.
    • The turning point came when the company diversified into other commercial services.
    • The company recently diversified into the organic food market and has launched its products in Delhi and Mumbai.
    • Similarly, as companies diversify and industry groups broaden, product and market conflicts of interest arise.
    • The company diversified into trailer-making after WWII, using many of the same methods and materials.
    • With the mainstay fishing industry facing stagnation, companies are diversifying.
    • In Asia Pacific companies often diversify successfully into new businesses, which are totally different and considered non-core.
    • Avena was originally set up by a North Yorkshire farmer who diversified into homeopathic products.
    • More and more farmers are now diversifying into non-food businesses such as horse-riding, farm shops and tourism.
    • From lemon grass research, the centre has diversified into new areas.
    • Many farmers across Ryedale have diversified into tourism as an alternative income to traditional farming.
    • More and more skippers swallowed their prides, converted their trawlers and diversified into shellfish.
    • The crew continued to trawl for whitefish long after many others abandoned the traditional catch and diversified into shellfish.
    • Like any other industry, tourism needs to be diversified in order for the country to gain maximum benefit.
    • The brothers have had to diversify in order to stay in business and do car repairs, services and recoveries.
    • Four years ago, the company diversified into manufacturing by buying Lee Cooper.
    • Farmers these days have to diversify to survive, and we had a good look at the options available.
    • In our case we were able to do it because some years previously we had diversified into plant growing and seed production.
    • Who wins may matter less now that the company is more diversified, Lord argues.