Translation of diversionary in Spanish:


de diversión, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈvərʒəˌnɛri/ /daɪˈvərʒəˌnɛri/ /dɪˈvəːʃ(ə)n(ə)ri/


  • 1

    (tactic/raid) de diversión
    (tactic/raid) de divertimiento
    (remark) para desviar la atención
    (remark) para distraer la atención
    • At any time today, there are a dozen Hope Vale people either in prison, or who would be in prison without diversionary measures.
    • Where occasional water flowing onto or across a site cannot be avoided, it can often be made harmless by diversionary banks, directing the flow into drains.
    • Other reasons may include the lack of adequate diversionary options where we can divert people with minor charges out of the criminal justice system into psychiatric care.
    • Detailed discussions should follow in order to consider any modifications to the scheme which may assist in reducing the costs of diversionary works.
    • Government must allocate extra funding to provide even more of these diversionary programs to give some hope to the juveniles responsible for much of the in-town disturbances.
    • The height of the diversionary structure will allow water exceeding a two-year flood stage to flow onto an adjacent flood plain.
    • Diversionary tunnels were dug from the cavities to aqueducts filling the reservoirs, which were lined with lime.
    • To partially rectify this system new diversionary cables were laid to circumvent the target conurbations.
    • A diversionary channel is still being used to flow the river around the work site.
    • There was supposed to be a diversionary covering air strike.
    • His leadership in directing a diversionary force at Maastricht allowed the king's main army to take the town.
    • After a series of diversionary manoeuvres, he crossed the river under cover of a thunderstorm and defeated Porus.
    • He deployed his divisions with the aid of smoke, mirrors and diversionary activities.
    • Determined to rescue the two, Holmes starts a diversionary fire and, in the confusion, scarpers.
    • We have heard all these diversionary arguments before, but rarely do these arguments have any merit.
    • Frequently, those solutions have been diversionary, steering the electorate away from confrontations of their own ambivalence about social change.
    • Hitler remained convinced that the main Allied invasion of France would take place near Calais and that operations against Normandy were diversionary.
    • In the south the French division mounted a diversionary amphibious raid at Kum Kale on the Asian side of the Dardanelles.
    • The Duke's army, circumvented by the rebels in a diversionary movement on the march south, remained intact, waiting outside Northampton for events to unfold.