Translation of divert in Spanish:


desviar, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈvərt/ /daɪˈvərt/ /dʌɪˈvəːt/ /dɪˈvəːt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(redirect)

      (stream/flow) desviar
      (traffic) desviar British
      I tried to divert the conversation away from the topic intenté desviar la conversación hacia otro tema
      • With such potential being diverted away from worthwhile direction, I must admit that it breaks a little bit of my heart.
      • Another method employs moveable flaps in the rocket motor to divert the exhaust flow direction.
      • By 1920 state and private interests had carved four massive canals to divert water directly into the Atlantic Ocean and create dry farmland.
      • Also, the flashing must be carefully designed and constructed to direct and divert the water.
      • Junctions 33 to 34 of the M6 were closed in both directions, meaning all traffic was diverted through the city.
      • The Chief Minister said he sees a collision course approaching but won't do anything to divert it.
      • Hastily, they'd written a bill to eliminate the right to divert a river for a kayak course.
      • One option would be running a light railway or tram system over the new bridge as well as diverting lorries across it.
      • Indeed, diverting the buses could mean that some were no longer able to go out.
      • Unfortunately, the Garda patrol car was diverted to another incident and never reached Ballycastle that night.
      • When they thought that we had left, I took a full circle and diverted the car towards quarry number 1.
      • That's why they diverted the dual carriageway from the airport to avoid disturbing the fairy fort.
      • Both schemes will divert more traffic to William Hunter Way and there are also suggestions for junction improvements.
      • Apparently much of the water upstream has been diverted for agricultural use.
      • Planes were diverted to airfields in the Philippines and the Intrepid was knocked out of action until February 1945.
      • Trucks and buses were also banned from using the flyover, with commercial vehicles diverted to the roundabout underneath.
      • His soldiers leveled their villages and his engineers diverted and drained the water that gave the marshes life.
      • Outbound lanes will be closed and drivers diverted to detours for another week.
      • Keep it this way, and maybe I could divert all questions.
      • I'll divert more power to the shields, that should give us a little more time.

    • 1.2(ward off)

      (blow/attack) eludir
      (blow/attack) esquivar
      • As memes evolve, they become better and better at distracting and diverting us from whatever we'd really like to be doing with our lives.
      • If you want to stop your baby doing something, the best way is to quickly distract and divert her onto a different activity.
      • Her attempt to get his attention only partially diverted him.
      • A moment of weakness is when you divert someone's attention and throw ground habanero into their soup!
      • This means trivialities that could distract or divert his focus of attention, which is winning golf tournaments, do not sidetrack him.
      • My fear is that attention will be diverted from issues that really matter to Selby miners, such as securing better pension rights.
      • Those who go to mosques for prayers should not allow their attention to be diverted for any reason.
      • In a way it is now a silent crisis, because our attention has been diverted to other disasters.
      • So what do they do, but divert the public's attention to social issues that they know are wrong.
      • It diverts the public's attention away from decades of cuts in hard-won government programs for income security.
      • Rose diverts all of her attention to the hot tea, inadvertently releasing Delilah from her magical hold.
      • For this doctrine diverts the public's attention from the core of the problem.
      • Therefore, attention should not be diverted from traditional risk-lowering strategies in favor of folic acid supplementation.
      • They were satisfied to find none, and then divert all their attention to Auntie Jane.
      • With Tane's attention momentarily diverted, Ferik's knee swung upwards into his stomach.
      • The best trick is to momentarily divert their attention - " Hey!
      • My eyes were momentarily diverted to a pile of my books at the end of my bed.
      • They warned that people's lives were being put at risk because firefighters were being diverted from their duties.
      • Then he got diverted because he got to eat rice for the first time last night in eight months because he only had wotou before.
      • I am sorry, yes, perhaps I got diverted, your Honour.

  • 2

    • 2.1(distract)

      (attention/thoughts) distraer

    • 2.2 formal (amuse)

      • Sitting in the pub at lunchtime with his nibs, a pint and a good book was far more entertaining and diverting.
      • Needless to say, I wanted to put the book aside, because it is not entertaining or diverting.
      • I was diverted and entertained, but never truly absorbed.
      • He never concerned himself with diverting or weaving an illusory web for his audience.
      • The best of these books are not only diverting entertainments: they are serious explorations of human character.
      • So, suffice it to say, in one way or another Hamilton's books are sufficiently diverting, which is something I need right now.
      • It is endlessly diverting and can keep a simpleton like me amused for near hours on end.
      • A culture frantic to entertain, divert, and inform cannot drown out boredom.
      • The earliest concertos composed for square piano are slight works, diverting but light weight.
      • But some people aren't just looking to be diverted or entertained by music.
      • Ultimately, though, Lessing provides a cracking good story that diverts, entertains and stimulates.
      • At their best, these tales entertain and divert.
      • But to be entertained is to be diverted, for that is what all these activities are: diversions.
      • A diverting entertainment nonetheless, this is one book not to judge by its blocky lime-green cover or its bland layout.
      • This keeps most of the fans diverted while others buy programs, CDs and drinks.