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dividir, v.

Pronunciación /dəˈvaɪd/ /dɪˈvʌɪd/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(split up)

      to divide sth into sth dividir algo en algo
      • But they are a bit like those boundary streets which divide the ‘hot’ places to live from the not-so-hot.
      • A double door divides the living room and dining room.
      • To the left of the great gate a wall divides off a corner of the court.
      • A border of low black wire fencing was put in to divide the garden from the sidewalk.
      • This combination of factors yielded 216 trials, which were randomized and divided into two separate blocks.
      • However, they could not stay unified and have since divided into five separate church groups.
      • You will note from the information sheet that organisations will be divided into two clusters for the selection process.
      • After World War II Berlin was divided into separate parts.
      • It has been divided into three separate races - the full marathon, half marathon and the celebrity run.
      • According to the report, passenger and cargo transport should be divided into two separate companies.
      • The borough has been divided into five separate areas that will each have a dedicated team of workers to carry out a regular cleaning regime.
      • The property in Poplar Grove was divided into two separate homes.
      • The agent states that the property would make a family home or could be divided into two separate apartments as there are entrances at both garden level and first floor level.
      • The glossary has been moved to the back of the manual and the index has been divided into separate sections for common and scientific plant names.
      • The first floor accommodation, which originally comprised two rooms to the front and one to the back, has been divided into four separate units.
      • Since 1992, the secondary school curriculum has been divided into separate content areas.
      • New South Wales, the first colony, was subsequently divided into five separate colonies.
      • Once the embryo divided into eight cells, the cells were carefully separated, and DNA from each cell was inserted into fresh egg cells whose DNA had been removed.
      • The boys divided into two groups, each group occupying a separate room.
      • The work began in 1998 and was divided into three phases.
      • If the site is large, then it may be divided into smaller plots and each plot managed separately by different group of students.
      • Participants were randomly divided into three groups of 16 participants.
      • The 100 participants were randomly divided into two groups.
      • As expected, the resulting fertilized eggs divided to form two cells.

    • 1.2(separate)

      to divide sth from sth separar algo de algo

    • 1.3dividing present participle

      (wall/barrier) divisorio

    • 1.4(share)

      (cake/money/work) repartir
      they divided it between themselves se lo repartieron
      • I divide my time between England and Italy paso parte del tiempo en Inglaterra y parte en Italia
      • His activity from 1612 to 1632 was divided between Toledo, Murcia, and Valencia.
      • Nowadays I divide my time between L.A. and Berlin, Germany.
      • I divide my time at Student Health between nursing and working as one of the Health Education Coordinators.
      • His own life is divided between Los Angeles, where he works, and Hawaii.
      • I am in love with books and have to divide my day into house chores, time to write and time to read.
      • Missouri's 2 million or so households would get 22 acres apiece if all the land in the state were divided among them.
      • The family holdings were divided among six sons in the 1920s, with the largest tracts going to the sons of Richard Skinner and Chester Skinner.
      • Using Companies House and other data, and cross-checking with industry sources, we estimated how each firm's profits were divided among its partners.
      • Part was sent to corporate HQ as profit, the rest was divided among the directors.
      • Properties and land are divided among the family when the homeowner dies without a will - a common occurrence in Japan.
      • The city essentially got first pick, with the remains being divided among everyone else.
      • The adults linger over coffee while the kids play, then the sausage is divided among the family members to take home and freeze for lasagna, pastas, and soups in the coming year.
      • The money is divided among departments such as Welfare, Water Affairs and Public Works, which are involved in job creation programmes and poverty relief.
      • The existing land was divided among five of the tribes.
      • Also it was our standard procedure with any game taken, half went to the shooter and the other half was divided among the rest of the hunters.
      • The players then take turns claiming territories one at a time until they are equally divided among the participants.
      • The territory of the empire was divided among the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Greece.
      • After attorneys' fees, any settlement or court award is divided among those participating in the suit.
      • When Augustine died of sudden illness in the spring of 1743, his lands were divided among his sons.
      • Freeholdings are divided among their owners' male and female heirs.
      • Land is divided among the descendants after the death of the owner.
      • That money is divided among the 43 teams in each race according to finishing order.
      • In the east, the land was divided among all the adult male family members.
      • The grants, totalling 716336, will be divided amongst 17 different projects in the area and will include drainage works and surface dressing.

  • 2

    • 2.1(cause to disagree)

      • Drawing from the views of a wide variety of people living and working in the district, it described a city living in the grip of fear, divided along racial, religious and class lines.
      • But I was rather startled by how people have become sharply divided along political lines, and the positions that have been assumed.
      • I figure that opinions of this one will be pretty much divided along partisan lines.
      • The party is leaderless, divided and bankrupt - financially, if not politically.
      • We are no more divided than many political parties in the United States or in the West.
      • He shows all the signs of arrogance over an issue which deeply divides our country.
      • Health experts are divided on the question of why the number of asthma cases is increasing.
      • And the City Council has always been divided on the question of McManus.
      • Previous efforts divided the country's artistic community and led to the angry departure from the country of at least two major theatrical talents.
      • There were some calls over the weekend that the president step up to the plate and take charge over an administration that seems to be rather divided over this issue.
      • Recent research, however, is divided on the issue.
      • Although the scientific community may be divided on other agricultural issues, the overuse of chemicals is probably not one of them.
      • The membership will be very divided on that issue.
      • The experts, however, are divided on the issue.
      • But experts remain divided as to whether we are in for a long period of stagnation while average earnings catch up or whether outright falls in house prices are needed to get back to their long-term trend.
      • However, controversy swirls as media ‘experts’ remain fiercely divided over the video.
      • Experts remain divided over whether market manipulation, or power shortages, were the primary cause of California's spiking prices.
      • Public opinion in the United States remains divided.
      • However, road safety experts remain divided about the benefits of crash barriers over the presence of a wide unprotected central reservation.
      • But pub landlords and club managers in Manchester remain divided about the effect a 24-hour opening law will have.

    • 2.2Britanico Política
      (cause to vote)

      they propose to divide the House on this issue proponen llevar el tema a votación en la Cámara

  • 3

    to divide 10 by 5 dividir 10 entre / por 5
    • 10 divided by 5 is 2 10 dividido (entre / por) 5 es (igual a) 2
    • can you divide 3 into 7? ¿7 es divisible entre / por 3?
    • The next problem is how to multiply and divide numbers involving fractions.
    • The employment rate is simply the number employed divided by the size of the population.
    • Wouldn't it be nice if dividing fractions were as easy as dividing whole numbers?
    • Chris spotted that if he added 66 and 72 together, the total number divided by two would be 69.
    • The object is to add, subtract, multiply or divide these numbers in order to achieve the value of 24.
    • If the hurricane was moving at 5 miles an hour and was expected to pass very close to your location, then divide 5 into 100. The answer is 20.
    • How do you divide 6 into 612?
    • If you divide 2 into 13983816 you get 6991908 or exactly half.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(fork)

      (road/river) dividirse
      the road divides into two lanes el camino se bifurca / se divide en dos

    • 1.2(split)

      (group/particles/cells) dividirse

    • 1.3Britanico Política

      the House divided la Cámara procedió a la votación
      • The house divided as follows: Ayes: 127 Noes: 107 Abstentions: 73.
      • When the House divided to vote on the motion only half the MPs were present and the Abolition Bill was defeated.
      • I appeal to the Labor Party even now not to divide the Assembly on this issue.
      • When tellers have been nominated, the Speaker shall direct the Assembly to divide, ‘ayes’ to the right and ‘noes’ to the left.
      • I can tell members that the committee divided clearly on party lines.

  • 2

    • What happens if the numbers do not divide exactly?
    • You check whether 15 divides by 2, and it doesn't.
    • Two of these numbers divide by 5 with no remainder.


  • 1

    línea divisoria de aguas femenino
    divisoria de aguas femenino
    the Continental / Great Divide las montañas Rocosas / Rocallosas
    • The Blue Nile and White Nile tributaries share a drainage divide with the Omo River.
    • The river meets a divide, and darkness spreads in four directions.
    • To the officials and the sheep men of Sydney, the rivers which flowed inland from the western slopes of the divide were rivers filled with much promise.
    • The highway then passed through two river valleys before again crossing the divide, which zigzags through the territory.
    • Other pumps push/pull water as high as 2,000 feet in pipes crossing mountain divides.
    • This project includes the provision of a new source for the abstraction of water from the River Mahon, at the tidal divide near Ballylaneen.
    • If you want to change valleys, then you climb the mountainous divides.
    • The ridge is a lone ridge, right on the divide, and it drops directly to the desert floor.
    • The rivers on the eastern side of the divide empty into Hudson's Bay, while the westerly rivers flow to the Pacific.
  • 2

    línea divisoria femenino
    to cross the Great Divide emprender el último viaje eufemismo
    • Secondly, by encouraging a drinking culture in younger people, the divide between young and old only widens.
    • Until today, the Coalition has coasted through this rift without rancour even though there's a huge divide between the two sides.
    • A society where the social divide between haves and have-nots has become a chasm is a society that breeds violence and brutality.
    • But the prime minister has devoted more of his tour to EU diplomacy than to US, and impressively straddled what otherwise might be a damaging divide between the powers.
    • He declared: ‘It is the age-old divide between right and left.’
    • Because of their agreement on so many first principles, the divide between anti-capitalist anarchists and the anarcho-capitalists is an interesting one.
    • He said there was a cultural divide between those who came of age after 1989 and who are more open about saying what they feel, and those from an earlier, more repressed age.
    • This is more an observation that a theory, but the divide between the pro-war and anti-war factions might be characterised by the likelihood of actually serving in combat.
    • The apparent refusal is being described by some American intelligence analysts as an indication of a significant divide between the groups.
    • The big divide between them is over immigration.
    • The combined effects of disenfranchisement laws, inmate population trends and economic realities perpetuate a racial divide in society.
    • Monday's troubles have further exacerbated the sectarian divide.
    • Indeed, the merchant's political convictions straddled the divide in southern opinion.
    • Nowhere is this divide more evident than in the discussion over the economic progress of African Americans in the '90s.
    • The divide on the issue has emerged in the past year.
    • The key divide in Australian politics is now clear.
    • Whether or not the north-south divide exists, it is perpetuated through the media.
    • All the important rivalries in Europe both antedated the ideological divide and crossed its boundaries.
    • During the two-hour service he stressed how the natural disaster took no account of political boundaries or religious divides.
    • The United States has a long history of political divides along ethnic lines.