There are 2 main translations of divine in Spanish

: divine1divine2


divino, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈvaɪn/ /dɪˈvʌɪn/

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  • 1

    (providence/intervention/inspiration) divino
    it was divine justice fue un castigo de Dios
    • divine liturgy liturgia sagrada
    • divine worship oficio religioso
    • Evidently this was the limit imposed by divine providence upon that sort of folly.
    • I wandered about in my swimming costume for a bit hoping for divine intervention.
    • York City's push for back to back wins was unhinged by divine intervention.
    • We are not to introduce divine revelations into philosophy nor philosophical opinions into religion.
    • Vera tells Lombard that she thinks this whole situation could be a kind of divine retribution.
    • Revelation is intuitive knowledge and wisdom about some aspect of nature through divine inspiration.
    • Sunlight, for instance, often stands in for divine grace or revelation.
    • To the contrary, the expression of our intentions is itself dependent on divine grace.
    • Yet he recognized that even negative attribution gives some understanding of the divine being.
    • Only Jesus Christ, both fully divine and fully human, can accomplish this for all of humankind.
    • To err is human, to forgive divine.
    • Yet he was driven by a conviction in sacred, divine principles.
    • If we are a cult member, it may be a symbol of our sacred relations to the divine principle operating in the universe.
    • They told me that during their abduction there was a meeting with a divine or sacred being.
    • A habitual contemplation of his divine form, dispelling impediments, blesses a devotee with the kinds of successes.
    • Through these rituals they also experience their female bodies as sacred, themselves as divine.
    • This divine origin made fire a sacred element, and the Greeks maintained fires in front of their temples.
    • A prince could scarcely claim divine sanction for his authority and then exercise it in ways that blatantly contradicted its ultimate source and model.
    • It's an almost religious process of divine selection - the elect and the damned.
    • This divine origin is particular to the sacred, mystical, and theological insight of the people of Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi.
  • 2

    (weather/music/dress) divino
    (weather/music/dress) precioso
    these oysters are divine estas ostras son una delicia
    • you look simply / perfectly divine ¡estás divina!
    • In the wings, the divine Edwina smiled on serenely.
    • They weren't laws that came from some fair or divine place.
    • Evidently, his divine brilliance is too great for mere mortals.
    • For what I had in mind the weather was perfectly divine.
    • However, Miss Blanchett as Miss Hepburn was amazingly and stunningly divine.
    • The flavour of this most wonderful of vegetables is divine, whether steamed, boiled or roasted.
    • If things work out, you will have a perfectly divine singularity to serve up to family and guests.
    • From gangly arm to fleshy middle, it's me: lovely, divine, and supremely perfect.
    • The girl was sitting on a rock in the middle of a divine forest, smiling angelically.
    • His beautiful date Eanna looked divine in a full-length, figure-hugging turquoise gown, which she bought in Monsoon.
    • Only Nightcrawler is utterly divine, well-tuned and perfectly turned.
    • They fluttered down, the petals cascading around the guests and the royal family, causing a gorgeous and divine sight.
    • On one visit, I found trail mix bars that were absolutely divine.
    • The Cajun butter sauce on my shrimp and scallops was absolutely divine.
    • Anyway Mr. Hamilton is here and Jenny don't you think he is simply divine?
    • The salmon, served with the usual cream sauce, was described as simply divine.
    • She smiled daintily at him and realized what a truly divine time she was having.
    • To watch him as an artist was a truly divine experience.
    • I'll have to say that beer is a bit expensive, but cocktails were divine and worth every penny.
    • Cocktails were divine and the suggestions spot on.


  • 1

    (priest) eclesiástico masculine
    (theologian) teólogo masculine
    • There are also many references to contemporary natural sciences and a healthy smattering of Anglican divines, including Hooker, Andrewes, and Herbert.
    • Bishops, in classical Anglicanism, have often been divines themselves-thoughtful scholars as well as administrative functionaries.
    • Even the 5 percent of the nation who made up the Catholic recusants succumbed to an intellectual onslaught led by Anglican divines.
    • Spinks refers briefly to and quotes the work of forty-four English and twenty Scottish divines of the period after 1603.
    • The stereotypical view of Calvinist divines has them all nodding their heads in a ringing ‘yes, indeed.’

There are 2 main translations of divine in Spanish

: divine1divine2


adivinar, v.

transitive verb

  • 1 literary

    (discover, guess)
    (intentions/truth) adivinar
    (future) adivinar
    (future) vaticinar
    • Once this meaning or purpose has been divined, then the past, present, and future can be seen as conforming to some kind of structure or shape.
    • Do Warren and Pearson suggest that lenders are clairvoyants who can divine what direction prices will take in future years?
    • And from this alleged mutter, trained exegetes in the press are now divining the entire political infrastructure of the Vatican.
    • They called them sorceresses or ‘people who divined by the spirit.’
    • Though I am not proposing the actual use of Tarot cards as a means of divining past or future events, what, exactly, would the limits be for non-natural explanations?
    • One form of magic that many of us do quite often is divining.
    • In addition, experts with specialized knowledge may perform specific tasks related to healing, building, or divining.
    • Seeing the king, Samudra divined that the time had come for Ashoka's conversion.
    • This ‘rationalisation’ of divining pointed to the dialectical nature of the ideological contest between folk and scientific wisdom.
    • It's sad that 450 years later we still have to go over similar arguments with those who believe that divining works.
    • The elimination of these Christians, the augur would claim, could restore his divining powers and help the emperor.
    • Black cats were considered to be reincarnated beings with the ability to divine the future.
    • We must be given time and space away from the hordes to divine the future.
    • In ancient Rome, emperors would divine truth by reading the entrails of animals or vanquished foes.
    • The profiler is about the equivalent of somebody who divines jackal tracks with a broken twig.
    • When not divining the crowd's thoughts, he dives into the city's psyche, through anthropomorphizing metaphors.
    • The reader is not supposed to have to divine the meaning that lies behind the ramblings and jottings of the writer.
    • Chen, the temple's caretaker, spent months divining what images, scenes and poems should canopy worshippers.
    • I hadn't correctly divined your attitude towards your tenants.
    • But, as Maurice Newman correctly divined, if you don't like the situation, don't stay around.
    • I tried to divine an intention from her message.
    • When we divine the future we do so in the hope that we can profit from the knowledge.
    • She has had remarkable success in divining those names.
    • Let's try to start divining some answers this week by taking a look at the potential contenders for this season's Larry O'Brien trophy.
    • The path all of this takes is easily divined, although the ending is not.
    • And I wasn't able to divine what that magic ingredient was exactly.
    • They are points of god-contact, sites and occasions for divining in a much broader sense.
    • The job basically was to follow the daily open market operations of the Fed and try to divine whether policy had changed.
    • But he does have a sure touch for divining politicians' larger strategic patterns.
    • For a while they simply stared at each other, as if sizing up the opposition, divining out points of weakness.
    • Two shrewd commentators of the late 1940s had already divined that at least some Rorschach wizards achieved their success by resorting to tricks.
    • At the start of each project, he strives to divine the ‘voice of the site.’
    • When the BBC lost transmission midway through the second half, it was hard to divine whether this was a technical fault or quality control.
    • Sometimes we discover we have ‘made’ an interpretation without realising it, on other occasions we struggle to articulate what it is we have divined.
    • The paradox is that on the only point of principle which I think one can divine from my judgment, you were successful.
    • In the other, a Latino man had written to Grant to tell him that about his brother's problems, which Grant proceeded to divine at the meeting.
  • 2

    (water/minerals) (con una varita de zahorí) descubrir
    • Dowsing and divining water is the subject of the club's talk today.
    • Talking of which, I discovered a talent yesterday I didn't know I had… water divining!
    • The only way to get a really good signal is to wander around with the antenna stretched out, as if you're divining for water.
    • The example of water divining in southern Africa, however, suggests that the irrational was as much a feature of western as indigenous knowledge systems.
    • The affront of water divining to the latter's modernist pretensions led to foreign experts being pressed into the fray, but to no avail.
    • Thus, after more than a decade of denouncing water divining, the state belatedly sought to harness it to hydraulic development.
    • He says, ‘Water divining involves the static electrical and magnetic powers of the body.’
    • It is no relation at all to native hazel, but like hazel the settlers found its forked branches ideal for water divining.
    • Some rabbit babies get dirty in a mud puddle but the day is saved when Tag finds a cleansing spring of water by divining with a hazel twig.
    • They've been divining water, fruit, music and happiness together ever since.
    • How frogs locate water remains unknown, they seem to have a special water divining sense.
    • Afterwards explore the grounds to find underground water and other aspects of divining.
    • Like a divining stick, the football seemingly found the water at every opportunity.
    • Of course, a simple double-blind test can be applied to any claims of divining or dowsing powers.
    • Others test him by bringing in unlikely objects for him to divine at the show's finale.