Translation of diving bell in Spanish:

diving bell

campana de inmersión, n.


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    campana de inmersión feminine
    campana de buzo feminine
    • When Squalus sank off Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the Navy had just placed into service a diving bell for submarine rescue.
    • Like a man in a diving bell whose air supply has been cut off, my mind leapt between bouts of panic and thoughts of suffocation.
    • A connection point for a diving bell or Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle allows collective rescue operations.
    • Civilian divers have used the SLS for several years as an emergency means of returning to the diving bell if there is a problem with oxygen hoses.
    • Named after the sucking fish, Remora is a 16.5 tonne remotely operated rescue vehicle built about a diving bell.
    • We might have to jury rig the diving bell to use it as a delivery system.
    • I am standing inside a convincing facsimile of a diving bell, gazing out through a porthole at a simulated sea.
    • Persico was among 33 survivors who rode to the surface in a nine-ton diving bell lowered by a rescue ship.
    • G.P. would regularly build model airplanes, hot-air balloons, or diving bells.
    • But the weather conditions impact enormously on the kind of operation which I believe they've been doing, which has been putting diving bells down.
    • One couple was shown exchanging vows submerged in an aquarium tank, diving bells over their heads, while tropical fish swam past.
    • It's big and copper and shaped like a diving bell.
    • My diving bell becomes less oppressive, and my mind takes flight like a butterfly.
    • Alexander the Great is reputed to have gone down in a diving bell, while Roman urinatores (free divers) apparently salvaged cargo from a wreck 20m deep off the south of France.
    • Hoisting a diving bell with a crane and maneuvering it through a small apartment at dawn is not easy.
    • The diving bell had loads of lights hanging above it, but as you looked down, you couldn't see the Kursk.