Translation of divining rod in Spanish:

divining rod

varita de zahorí, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈvaɪnɪŋ ˌrɑd/


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    varita de zahorí feminine
    • Practice the ancient art of Dowsing with divining rods and the pendulum.
    • Our instrument is a divining rod, which should bend when placed over water.
    • Its wood is often fashioned into divining rods and in the case of horses, it is advisable for the rider to carry a whip made out of rowan.
    • In a moment of inspiration I decided to make one last search for the camera, using my divining rods.
    • So I hopped off at the next stop and I got off and hoped my inner divining rod would lead me to the seminar.
    • We used divining rods (a forked hazel branch, generally - or coat hangers cut and bent just right) for finding water.
    • D' Aloisio had used his divining rods to locate what he believed was a chain and nine-foot anchor, possibly from the fabled wreck itself.
    • Like tiny divining rods, these drugs hunt down only diseased cells, avoiding the shotgun approach of past chemotherapies.
    • As TV loses its appeal among younger men, advertisers are using divining rods to follow the money.
    • Can psychologists learn from these divining rods to train less-sensitive people?
    • It's something that our guys are aware of, that if we want to continue to play that's going to be the divining rod.
    • Was Dick Clark a talent-revealing genius, a master divining rod constantly pointing toward rock music success?
    • Much more art than science, it uses a divining rod - maybe a forked hazel twig or a similar device - held horizontally in both hands.
    • By representing his figure with a broad forehead, Powers gave her the sensitivity requisite to respond to the promptings of a divining rod.
    • Kushner doesn't use a divining rod to find his plays - he admits he's susceptible to just about anything.
    • The old man was holding a divining rod and was waving it all about him.
    • With her eyes closed, the Holy Knight waved her hand around like a divining rod until it stopped in midair.
    • In addition, there has always been the use of the divining rod.
    • The camera becomes a divining rod searching for the flow of emotion under the skin.
    • As I sat in my alfresco office whittling away at a divining rod, a beaten up old truck screeched to a halt.