Translation of divinity in Spanish:


divinidad, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈvɪnədi/ /dɪˈvɪnɪti/

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nounplural divinities

  • 1 formal

    • 1.1(divine nature, being)

      divinidad feminine
      • There is ongoing interdependence between the living, the living-dead (those remembered by name), spirits and divinities, and the Supreme Being.
      • To have your ultimate concern distributed in different directions is like polytheism - worship of many divinities.
      • Traditionally, Nigerians believe that there are two types of divinities: the Supreme Being, and the subordinate deities.
      • They recognize a wide range of supernatural beings, including demons, ancestral spirits, and divinities such as the sun god Surya and the rice goddess Dewi Sri.
      • Of all the religious practices and beliefs concerned with feminine divinities it is Shaktism which gives the Goddess a place of supreme importance.
      • The Vajrayana sect took this a step further and introduced female divinities to Buddhist worship akin to Hinduism.
      • In ancient China mountains were seen as divinities who had the power to send needed rain.
      • A disciple of Confucius once asked, ‘Master, how should we treat the spirits and divinities?’
      • The rivers are female divinities, food and life bestowing mothers.
      • When meeting a scientist who also believes in divinity, the defiantly atheist New York Times science writer Natalie Angier starts popping mental veins.
      • The pagan insisted that divinity was in trees and in all of nature.
      • Then, if one understands Brahma to be the transcendent aspect of divinity, the perception of Sarasvati as immanent accords well with Her being His shakti.
      • The idols that have originally been introduced to serve as devotional media had got elevated to the status of divinity.
      • Mountains contain divinity or kami and are sources of necessary water.
      • True, he was a confirmed atheist, who had no patience for divinity, prayers or rituals.
      • To be gripped by one great integrating, imperative concern or desire is like monotheism - worship of one divinity.
      • For the pagan, the alienation from divinity is so palpable and painful that it must be overcome at all costs, even if ethics are the price.
      • Agni, the fire God is an important Rig Vedic divinity.
      • We don't need a directive or a definable god to feel the presence of divinity.
      • So that, actually, in India, Kali is the great divinity.

    • 1.2(theology)

      teología feminine
      • But in 1973, Case's career took a sharp turn when he decided to study divinity at the Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena.
      • Seminaries, schools of theology, divinity schools, and churches must face the pressing and rising presence of diversity.
      • He received his master of divinity degree from Moravian Theological Seminary in 1988 and was ordained that same year.
      • Going on to study divinity at the University of St Andrews, Playfair undertook his theological studies at St Mary's College, St Andrews.
      • Barrow had taken an oath to study divinity when he was admitted as a fellow, and, after briefly studying medicine, he began studying divinity again.
      • Queasiness at the sight of blood curtailed a medical career, and Darwin went to Cambridge to study divinity and join the church.
      • His love affair with The Stand began in 2000 when the comic came to Edinburgh to study divinity.
      • It was simply pigeon-holed by these doctors of divinity.
      • Unlike his predecessors and most Lutheran clergy, Hanson earned his first divinity degree at a non-Lutheran institution, Union Theological Seminary in New York.
      • Having been an ordained pastor with a doctorate in divinity and a masters degree in biblical studies, he knew what had taken place.
      • He revolted from the Roman Church and by 1613-14 was again a Protestant, later becoming a doctor of divinity at Cambridge and chaplain to the king.
      • In its 44 years the Union has had as prime ministers three generals, one doctor of divinity and now a ‘mister’.
      • When I give a fellow an honorary doctor of divinity, it's just a little piece of paper.
      • He was ordained an Anglican priest in 1960 and earned a bachelor of divinity in 1965 and a master of theology in 1966 from King's College in London.
      • He later earned a master of divinity from St. Paul School of Theology in 1974.
      • In 1984 he moved to Canada, where he did a masters in divinity and licentiate in moral theology at the University of Toronto.
      • John Rogers, the first martyr, was a lecturer in divinity at St Paul's Cathedral, London.
      • This school was the first of the ‘literary and theological institutions,’ a mixture of liberal arts and divinity objectives.
      • Ukrainian Orthodox clergy are educated in divinity schools such as the Kyiv Theological Academy.
      • In several universities, divinity schools were among the most vibrant sources of ideas and sustained engagement.

  • 2US formal also divinity fudge

    golosina hecha a base de azúcar, almíbar de maíz, clara de huevo etc