Translation of divorce in Spanish:


divorcio, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈvɔrs/ /dɪˈvɔːs/

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  • 1

    divorcio masculine
    to get/obtain a divorce (from sb) conseguir/obtener el divorcio (de algn)
    • he was granted a divorce le concedieron el divorcio
    • divorce is on the increase el número de divorcios está aumentando
    • the divorce rate el número de divorcios
    • they'll end up in the divorce courts van a terminar divorciándose
    • divorce decree sentencia firme de divorcio
    • divorce proceedings trámites de divorcio
    • In cases when officials ask for a divorce, will the supervisory departments ignore the Marriage Law and interfere?
    • When we deal with divorces, our closing advice is always: ‘In the future, if you remarry, you should continue a prenup.’
    • He has had two gossip-fest divorces and an awkward bankruptcy.
    • Secondly, with respect to married people, if the marriage was dissolved by divorce after the will was witnessed, the will is void.
    • It gives property rights in case the partnership is dissolved in divorce.
    • When these terminals were first introduced to two western provinces, there was a marked increase in bankruptcies, divorces and suicides.
    • But divorce is still not easy when one spouse objects to dissolving the marriage.
    • In the last two weeks we've had animals brought as a result of five divorces, four separations and six repossessions.
    • Additionally, civil unions can be dissolved much like divorce - still a necessary out even among same sex couples.
    • Each selfish parent wanted more from the divorce than the other received.
    • Then engage a lawyer and decide whether or not you want separate maintenance or a divorce.
    • He was to open talking about his parents' messy divorce and the custody battles.
    • Once their parents' divorce was final Pierre was thrown out of the country.
    • The rise of no-fault, unilateral divorce does not trouble the Sisterhood.
    • A similar story emerges when considering how parental divorce affects the marital stability of adult offspring.
    • She also added that she was finally going to get a divorce from her husband.
    • Now unless you get a divorce from the previous husband you should not enter into a new contract.
    • I find that the retainer was always simply to obtain a speedy divorce.
    • Facing having to pay out a hefty divorce settlement, he had the motive.
    • Marriage wasn't an option for them yet, this wasn't the era of a quickie divorce.
    • In 1992 she and Charles became formally separated and their divorce was decreed in 1996.
    • Unilateral divorce dissolves not only marriage but private life.
    • It was decreed that after her divorce Diana, too, was no longer HRH.
    • First of all, when granting a divorce decree, all the judges must instruct parents to be meaningfully involved with child care.
    • He will be required to pay alimony only if the judge orders him to do so as part of the divorce decree.
    • She got a divorce decree to legally end her previous marriage last Friday and went to the Embassy on Monday thinking she had everything in order.
    • This is required regardless of the terms of a divorce decree or separation agreement.
    • While you might expect a decree of divorce to remove your entitlement to claim any widow's or widower's pension entitlements, this is not the case.
    • Is there an age when court-ordered child support ends if no date was indicated in the divorce decree?
    • And a tough argument was made even harder to win by the language of the divorce decree Freer had signed.
    • Waiting for the divorce decree to become final, each pines for the other, but neither will admit it.
    • The husband sought a decree of divorce and access to his youngest son.
    • A dependent adult supplement is no longer available on obtaining a decree of divorce.
    • Up until the time of Jesus, Jews had been allowed to obtain a decree of divorce fairly simply.
    • Saudi Arabia allows men to receive a divorce on request, while women must win a legal decision for the right.
    • Things began to fall apart in their marriage, however, and Agnes filed for and received a divorce in 1861.
    • In order for a court to grant a decree of divorce, spouses must have lived apart for more than four years.
    • It will be observed that he said nothing at all about wanting to pursue his crave for a decree of divorce against the defender.
    • The easiest way to change your name back is through your divorce decree.
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    divorcio masculine
    the divorce between theory and practice el divorcio entre la teoría y la práctica
    • Why can't there be a velvet divorce between the regions, a la Czechoslovakia?
    • It was the fateful divorce between the sacred and the secular.
    • This is because of the divorce between religion and spirituality.
    • Consequently nowhere else has the divorce between the working class and its old institutions taken a more finished form.
    • But in the divorce between official policies and popular feelings there was another element as well, more social than political.
    • The poll was just one of many signs of the divorce between business and the judicial system.
    • Perhaps, when the imminent divorce between Disney and the Weinsteins goes through, something will happen.
    • The result is an unhappy divorce between student and school which is a grotesque travesty of all that the IBO stands for.
    • He believes that there is a divorce between the replicators - our genes - and the organisms that carry them.
    • This does not necessarily imply a divorce between poetry and the conditions of life.
    • This is a bold divorce between mathematics and the empirical sciences.
    • The divorce between Williams and BMW is imminent at the end of this season.
    • One of the consistent paradoxes of European integration has been an increasing divorce between politics and policy in the EC.
    • It effected a complete divorce between theory and observation.
    • The divorce between the people and those who rule them can be blamed on the rise of such a managerial society in America and in the West.
    • In addition, they visit neighboring nests, where they attempt to remove nestlings to induce divorce between the female and the male nest owner.
    • For years, Pope John Paul II has rejected this kind of absurd divorce between political morality and individual moral growth.
    • And finally, they contributed a specifically Christian objection to any divorce between expediency and the moral realm.
    • This is yet another divorce between the leaders and the people.
    • The other thing that I think is important is this is really the culmination of what's been kind of a long, drawn out divorce between Ted and the company.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (husband/wife) divorciarse de
    to get divorced divorciarse
    • He was also under personal pressure as his wife wanted to divorce him.
    • My wife is divorcing me, so that's February and March ruined.
    • So if you hear about divorce, it'll be my wife divorcing me.
    • This culminated in a late night call from one A-list director who asked the producer to inform his wife that he was divorcing her.
    • His wife, Sheryl, divorced him because he was too fat, didn't work out and would not stop eating junk food.
    • After his conviction his wife Margaret divorced him, remarried and moved away.
    • His wife divorced him for unreasonable behaviour.
    • His parents had this agreement legally voided and constantly put pressure on him to divorce her.
    • The critics have skewered him, his wife is divorcing him, and the studio wants to fire him.
    • In no way a husband has been authorized to take back the dower money from his wife in case he divorces her.
    • In fact his wife divorced him which almost certainly made his position impossible.
    • His wife had let him divorce her but still called him Normie, still managed to distract him when the phone rang.
    • He was a notorious womaniser and his wife wanted to divorce him after one liaison too many.
    • His parents pressurised him to divorce her within a few months of marriage.
    • Your children will inevitably suffer if you choose to divorce her and go for a second marriage.
    • He told his wife that if she was going to divorce him there ‘didn't appear to be any point in carrying on’.
  • 2

    to divorce sth (from sth) divorciar algo (de algo)
    • But this increased security awareness is in large measure being divorced from politics.
    • It also defies belief that the Law proposes that rents are divorced from the ability to pay.
    • But the plot was largely divorced from character development or historical context.
    • That is because the third party liability cover is divorced from the sea and all things maritime.
    • Nor has most global commercial activity been wholly divorced from territorial geography.
    • As we have already seen, our Western calendar months are divorced from the Moon.
    • So do I believe that safety is somehow divorced from this general cloud of clowning?
    • The female form is never divorced from personality, fragility, a sense of humour.
    • However, it would be artificial completely to divorce these separate steps, one from the other.
    • In doing so he is not only separating his party from his church, but is divorcing his church from the wider Christian community.
    • This would effectively divorce cladistic biogeography from the inference of causal processes.
    • They divorce the body and the head in an attempt to control them and thus must always suffer.
    • They expected to get away with a plain denial of history rather than a mere insistence on divorcing history from politics.
    • And it is impossible to divorce the Incas from the national dish Anticuchos de Res - small pieces of beef heart, marinated and grilled on skewers.
    • ‘It's quite another thing to divorce the lifestyle that you wanted to have,’ she quips, leaning into the refrigerator.
    • Is Howe's aim to divorce sound and sense or to merge them?
    • You know, you can't divorce politics from any of this up here.
    • Is it possible to divorce the profit motive from the job?
    • But it is a mistake to divorce the arts from the political and social conditions, like who runs the organisations, and who gets the grants.

intransitive verb

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