Traducción de dizzy en español:


de mareo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdɪzi/

Ver definición en español de vertiginoso

adjetivo dizzier, dizziest

  • 1

    (sensation) de mareo
    I had a dizzy spell me dio un mareo
    • to feel dizzy estar mareado
    • it makes me dizzy just watching them solo de mirarlos me mareo
    • The physician twirled the patient around so fast and long, at one point, that the patient became dizzy and lost her balance.
    • In July 1999 he began suffering dizzy spells, resulting in loss of balance, and painful headaches.
    • With a dizzy head and uncontrollable balance, she took a couple steps towards the kitchen, but she swayed back and forth.
    • He had begun getting dizzy spells and even lost consciousness at points.
    • The dizzy spell passed, and he tentatively opened his eyes again.
    • He experienced considerable headaches, loss of short-term and new memory, loss of concentration and dizzy spells.
    • Being so close to him made her feel slightly dizzy - in a pleasurable way.
    • I was beginning to feel slightly dizzy, most likely from loss of blood.
    • He needed to sit, or he might just get too dizzy to stand.
    • I tried not to think about it so much because it made my head all dizzy.
    • I turned around to tell him something in reply, but I suddenly felt very dizzy.
    • She would close her eyes and spin until she was too dizzy to stand.
    • His head was still dizzy and his senses clouded, but one thing was for sure in his mind.
    • Does household cleaning give you headaches, nausea, dizzy spells or sign irritations?
    • His vision was nearly back to normal, the dizzy spells happened only infrequently.
    • Peering over the edge behind the shrine, the sheer drop to the valley floor below made me dizzy.
    • The ache was beginning to impair my vision, making me dizzy and nauseous.
    • Her mom makes her really mad a lot, and when that happens she'll run into her room and dance until she's dizzy.
    • She forced herself to move on, but she was dizzy with confusion and lust.
    • She was so dizzy with happiness, she didn't notice them walk out of the door, she didn't care they were walking through the town.
  • 2

    (causing dizziness)
    (speed) vertiginoso
    (height) de vértigo
    inflation continued at a dizzy rate la inflación continuaba a un ritmo vertiginoso
    • As Chrissy unpacked her bag, Ian knelt on the pillows and looked down at the dizzy drop to the rocks below.
    • South of that lies the corrie of the pap, Coire na Ciche, taking its name the great rock that gazes down into the dizzy depths below.
  • 3 coloquial

    (silly, scatterbrained)
    tarambana coloquial
    • Karen played the dizzy girl who needed help with her bags and needing to be showed to her room.
    • But perhaps because I'm dark not blonde, such idiotic statements are thought of as one-offs rather than a sign of a naturally dizzy blonde brain.
    • They first met and became friends six years ago when she was playing Corrie's dizzy blonde barmaid Raquel and he was a top executive at Granada studios.
    • Yep the dizzy blonde had some friends this week - hallelujah!
    • So, what has the dizzy blonde been doing, besides the usual clumsy bumping into things, talking rubbish and general silliness?
    • And now its the weekend, although the dizzy blonde has no friends about and no money to spend.
    • Backing up would have been the sensible option, but a dizzy blonde is never one to possess much common sense…
    • The bizarre thing about this scene is Bond playing the dizzy blonde to Moneypenny's quick-thinking control freak.
    • Even a dizzy blonde like Marilyn suggests something more spiritual with the sadness lurking behind her baby blues.
    • I am once again a dizzy blonde in Swindon, having returned from my Welsh tour.
    • Yeah, she was a dizzy, out-of-this-world blonde, but she was great to party with, and great for cheering me up.
    • The role of Irene could easily have just been put across as simply a dizzy, dumb blonde.
    • Well… welcome to the chronicles of a dizzy blonde in Plymouth (England).
    • Does that mean they're dizzy blondes who only care about counting alcohol units and snogging cute guys?
    • Oh what a dizzy dame you are, my little petal.
    • Is she afraid of being typecast as a brunette version of these dizzy dames?

verbo transitivo dizzies, dizzying, dizzied

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