Translation of DNA fingerprinting in Spanish:

DNA fingerprinting

análisis de muestras de AND, n.

Pronunciation /ˌdi ˌɛn ˈeɪ ˈfɪŋɡərˌprɪn(t)ɪŋ/


(DNA profiling)
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    análisis de muestras de AND masculine
    • A group of scientists feel that much of this man's data appears unreasonable, particularly the DNA fingerprinting used to match DNA samples.
    • This work laid the foundations for the whole of the biotech industry: without it, DNA fingerprinting and genetic screening would be mere science fiction.
    • In this issue, two further examples are discussed where knowledge of genome size may be important; namely DNA fingerprinting and quantitative genetics.
    • With the extra supplementary evidence the DNA profiling will provide, we are confident that the cases we put forward will withstand the scrutiny of a court of law.
    • The court recently upheld the compulsory DNA profiling of certain convicted federal offenders, through mandatory blood sampling.
    • Forensic DNA profiling has been the most remarkable breakthrough in finding the perpetrators of horrendous crimes - crimes that otherwise would be impossible to solve.
    • Using DNA fingerprinting, we assessed the degree of relatedness between adult and juvenile birds in 17 winter groups, finding that in 8 of the groups no young bird was the offspring of the territorial pair.
    • With DNA fingerprinting, cases of recurrent tuberculosis can be categorized as being due to relapse of the original infecting strain or reinfection with a new strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
    • With DNA fingerprinting, increased awareness and active media interest, the reporting of foodborne outbreaks and issues will continue to increase and media accounts will proliferate.
    • Using DNA fingerprinting as the gold standard, our study supports reinfection as a mechanism leading to changing drug-susceptibility patterns.
    • Well, this is the first year we have actually started doing the DNA fingerprinting and what we're aiming is to actually build up a data base so that we can do this and follow on from one year to the next.
    • ‘It is a new, mystery ape and we are doing the DNA fingerprinting to find out more,’ said the zoo director.
    • Because DNA fingerprinting was not done on that population, caution is necessary in interpreting male breeding success.
    • Who will perform the DNA fingerprinting of the child whose parents want this information in case of the unthinkable?
    • The DNA fingerprinting of rape suspects is something most feminists seem to be pretty happy about.
    • We'll be able to answer all these questions based on the DNA fingerprinting.
    • We used multilocus DNA fingerprinting to examine genetic parentage in the Western Sandpiper.
    • The Vermont legislature recently introduced a bill that asked for voluntary DNA profiling to determine authentic membership in a Native American tribe.
    • Some minisatellites exhibit very high rates of tract-length alterations; these types are often utilized for forensic DNA fingerprinting.
    • There were no cases of extrapair paternity among 122 offspring from 53 broods detectable by minisatellite or microsatellite DNA fingerprinting.