Traducción de doable en español:


Pronunciación /ˈduəb(ə)l/ /ˈduːəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    to be doable ser posible de hacer
    • it's not doable in three weeks es imposible hacerlo en tres semanas
    • It is the happy outcome that a bonanza of energy income has now made practically doable what was once only imaginatively wishful.
    • Due to these stupendous efforts, the Finance Committee can offer a realistic and doable budget for 2005.
    • Don't just compile a wish list - consider what is realistic and doable.
    • Striving in a law-bound, seemingly rational universe made success more thinkable, possibly more doable.
    • Perhaps you've grown up thinking that setting realistic, doable goals is essential to success.
    • It was a believable, doable, practical solution to their problem, so they accepted it.
    • Give them tasks that are not necessarily easy, but certainly doable, given enough practice.
    • Does this sound like a doable thing or am I hallucinating in a vastly different way from the rest of you folks?
    • Let's be reasonable and let's have some sense of what is doable.
    • I'm told there are at least two reasons why such a hook-up would not have been doable.
    • You have to go through these safety and effectiveness trials, but it is an entirely doable technology.
    • That kind of technology is doable, if we put our minds to it.
    • He swiftly refused, saying he felt that my job was not doable.
    • Usually they hold these upstairs so I go in through the front… which involves walking up stairs… tricky, but doable!
    • It's doable with today's technology - and a few billion dollars.
    • Yes, it is very doable if people of good faith will come together.
    • It is, however, doable for a government with the political will.
    • All the above steps are politically doable and economically affordable.
    • The thing is, they offer thoughtful and doable alternatives worthy of serious attention.
    • The collection of easily doable recipes kicks off, as well it might, with drinks.