Translation of doctor in Spanish:


médico, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɑktər/ /ˈdɒktə/

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  • 1

    médico masculine
    médica feminine
    doctor masculine
    doctora feminine
    facultativo masculine formal
    facultativa feminine formal
    you should see a/your doctor deberías ir a un/al médico
    • Doctor Jones el doctor Jones
    • good morning, Doctor buenos días, doctor
    • which doctor are you under? ¿qué doctor / médico te atiende?
    • Doctors Without Borders Médicos Sin Fronteras
    • It had resulted in asthma being the most common chronic illness treated by doctors in general practice.
    • These patients are treated by primary care doctors in outpatient clinics.
    • Most patients are seen and treated by primary care doctors, who may be unfamiliar with the condition.
    • Anaesthetists are medical doctors who specialise in the field of anaesthesia.
    • Point out that depression is a medical condition that doctors can effectively treat.
    • You might feel more comfortable in a hospital or nursing home with doctors and nurses nearby at all times.
    • MAO inhibitors are commonly prescribed by medical doctors to treat depression.
    • For the next two and a half days, the boy remained in the intensive care ward while doctors, nurses and medics helped him recover.
    • I recently injured my back playing hockey, and my doctor prescribed physical therapy.
    • Ask your private doctor or hospital clinic physician for information as to how you can obtain a bone density test.
    • Any woman who is worried about this should speak to her doctor, midwife or obstetrician.
    • Second, there are medical malpractice claims against doctors and hospitals.
    • To make a diagnosis of brain death, doctors conduct required medical tests.
    • Psychiatrists are qualified doctors who have specialist training in treating mental health problems.
    • Although she went to several doctors and hospital emergency rooms, no one could explain what was happening.
    • Five ambulances, 15 medical personnel, two doctors and paramedics were on stand-by.
    • Contraception is normally supplied by your doctor or by the family planning clinic.
    • Her family doctor prescribed a drug that helped, but it made her tired.
    • You should talk to your child's doctor if your child experiences these side effects.
    • The amendment was designed to control the sale of illegitimate products invented by quack doctors.
  • 2

    doctor masculine
    doctora feminine
    Doctor of Philosophy/Law doctor en filosofía/derecho
    • This week Glasgow Caledonian University is making him an Honorary Doctor of Letters.
    • Last Wednesday, he was made a Doctor of Music at the University of St Andrews.
    • He studied in St. Nathy's College, Ballaghaderreen and later graduated as a Doctor of Science.
    • The learned doctors of the Great Vehicle teach us that the essential characteristic of the universe is its emptiness.

transitive verb

  • 1 informal

    (person) tratar
    (disease) curar
    (disease) tratar
    • It's much better to let that person be doctored.
    • Carter, who regularly doctored his people, had enormous respect for Nassaw's ability as a physician, for, in truth, Nassaw was one of the finest surgeons in colonial Virginia.
    • His great love, after doctoring, was sailing, mainly off the west coast of Scotland, in almost any weather, in a boat built to his design by his elder brother.
    • The court then brings forth a poor Saxon who was healed by Rebecca's doctoring.
    • She was soon doctoring his wounds with antiseptic cream.
    • On this day, Sarah also worked for Mr. Riske's son, Edward, who took in sick people for doctoring.
    • This person is not doctoring properly.
    • In the meantime, she was still doctoring the band when one of its members had a sprained ankle or a cold.
    • She is into the ritual of it carefully taking out her first aid kit, then deciding where to cut, then doctoring up the cut, then watching it heal.
    • Extensive training is provided for younger or newer staff members - an orientation time for them to learn, to grow and to change the way in which they may have nursed or doctored in the past.
    • By doctoring themselves, women would be spared the need to reveal embarrassing details to a doctor.
    • They should let doctors get on with doctoring and encourage staff to support them.
    • He'd been doctoring there since the town was founded, so most of the crosses in the graveyard were probably his patients.
    • Successfully doctoring my wounds, I entered the living room.
    • Presumably in artistic work, as opposed to lawyering or doctoring, there is a larger element of the unconscious or intuitive.
    • I've had some experience with doctoring because my father was a doctor.
    • I have been doctoring this condition for 20-some years with not a lot of success.
    • Last night, in the absence of echinacea, I doctored myself with a fiery curry and generous amounts of a rather rough Kentucky bourbon.
    • Next, Robyn doctored the wounds with medicine that stung.
    • He took them hay from a storm-damaged feed store and doctored injured animals with medicine he had.
  • 2 derogatory

    • 2.1

      (food/drink) adulterar
      • I think that third-world countries can benefit from GM foods, because these doctored foods can provide the nutrients that these deprived people need to stay alive.
      • We get hold of some, find a sheep and doctor its food.
      • Places where men can band together and consume meat are now either heavily policed, or the meat is doctored to lessen its impact.
      • The family of the latest victim said they know of at least two other young people who believe their drinks had been doctored in local pubs.
      • You conspiracy theorists can put away your suspicions that the meat is being doctored for cosmetic purposes.
      • Pre-eleven o'clock it's a restaurant serving spicy Asian delicacies a la fish and noodles that might just have been doctored with aphrodisiacs.
      • Other research extends these findings from doctored drinks to regular food.

    • 2.2

      (text/document) arreglar
      • The company claims he doctored documents to cover his tracks.
      • He suggested a senior lecturer had doctored documents for the purpose of an employment tribunal.
      • To add some visual appeal and an element of authenticity, there were photos doctored appropriately using digital technology.
      • In real life, even models have stretch marks (fashion photos are doctored up).
      • We thought that we were the only ones that doctored photos.
      • He doctored the roll-call records to make it seem as if he hadn't deserted.
      • Even though everyone knows these images are doctored they are still there.
      • But the public interest would not be served by people of dubious motives giving false information by doctoring the official record.
      • Signatures were forged, medical records were doctored.
      • Please note that these pictures have not been doctored in any way.
      • I got back to London with a huge amount of material - a lot of it had been doctored or falsified.
      • First they said that pictures showing the bulge might have been doctored.
      • As part of the understanding, any passport suspected to be fake or doctored, is scanned along with the photograph of the applicant and sent to the RPO's office.
      • Since so many of the documents on view are themselves doctored items or spoofs, factuality becomes suspect.
      • Murphy's defence team said the notes, drawn up by detectives during the interviews, had been doctored as different types of paper, ink and handwriting appeared among the 54 pages.
      • One news agency photographer has already been fired for doctoring his photos in Lebanon!
      • Please note that these pictures have not been doctored in any way.
      • Instead, they come in to the advisers and pick files at random - a complete waste of time since files can be doctored.
      • But he didn't tell the therapist the truth, and his lies continued for 10 more days, during which time he delivered a letter, and copies of the doctored files, to his boss.
      • But what if he hadn't been suspected of doctoring his report?

    • 2.3

      (results/evidence) falsificar
      (results/evidence) amañar

  • 3British euphemistic

    operar euphemistic
    • Wait until your pet is doctored and feeling more like their cheery, upbeat self.
    • Over the past year, about twice the usual number of cats and dogs were doctored.