Translation of documentary in Spanish:


documental, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌdɑkjəˈmɛnt(ə)ri/ /dɒkjʊˈmɛnt(ə)ri/

Definition of documental in Spanish


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    • We had told Mr Blunkett's officials about our irrefutable documentary evidence before he wrote his article.
    • The discussion so far has been mainly based upon literary and documentary evidence.
    • His published record was the first documentary evidence in Europe of the existence of the New World.
    • Both have continued in their claims to have Welsh antecedents despite further new documentary evidence to the contrary.
    • This will serve as documentary evidence in case of any problems later.
    • The question of credibility raises the issue of whether the documentary source is biased.
    • So although this theory is often repeated, the documentary sources do not support it.
    • Most of our understanding of the Black Death has come from documentary sources.
    • In fact, the documentary record is always depressingly full of fragments and gaps.
    • Why is the earliest documentary evidence from 1964, when most people remember ska from earlier than that?
    • Surviving manuscripts have been preserved by chance, so there will always be lacunae in the documentary record.
    • Your Honour, rare is the case that is tried where the documentary record is pristine and intact.
    • The tribunal also had regard to some 3,000 pages of documentary material provided by the parties.
    • However, these customers would also have to provide documentary proof of their claims.
    • Instead one has to go back to the language of the clause in its documentary and factual context and try to see what it means.
    • Everything was drawn from primary research with living survivors and from documentary eyewitness accounts.
    • It's not a documentary analysis of how the far right organises itself.
    • That was despite MI5 agents eventually providing documentary evidence to prove the men had been in Britain.
    • The downside of the online boom is the worry that historians will lose a documentary record.
    • These photos gave me a documentary record that I could draw upon later during the writing.

nounplural documentaries

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    documental masculine