Translation of dodger in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdɑdʒər/ /ˈdɒdʒə/


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    tax dodger evasor de impuestos
    • fare dodger
    • Road tax dodgers face fines of up to £1, 000, or five times the 12-month rate of duty if this is a greater amount.
    • Some tax dodgers could even face a maximum penalty of £1,000 if they are taken to court in a clampdown on unlicensed cars.
    • Road tax dodgers are being targeted in a new campaign to rid the streets of illegal cars.
    • These are the people who gave tax breaks to every tax dodger in the country when they brought in the amnesty in 1993.
    • Putting a world-class tax dodger at the controls of our sputtering economy has all the makings of a world-class train wreck.
    • I mean, there's worse things you can be than a draft dodger.
    • No wonder some suggest the checks are put there as a Revenue ploy to catch tax dodgers.
    • It's desperately sad that his parents never knew what became of their artful dodger.
    • A record number of 448,000 licence dodgers were caught throughout the UK during the year.
    • Tram bosses clamping down on fare dodgers are now sending 240 to court every week.
    • Rising ticket prices had been blamed on fare dodgers in the past.
    • Fare dodgers who refuse to pay the initial fine usually have to fork out around £120.
    • The crackdown on TV licence dodgers has caused something of a fuss in York recently.
    • A campaign to recover millions of pounds from fine dodgers hots up this week.
    • Similar crackdowns on fine dodgers have been staged this week throughout West Yorkshire.
    • Between 30 and 35 fee dodgers are caught in York every week.
    • School dodgers are facing a serious crackdown in September as more than 50 truancy officers are ready to tackle the growing problem.
    • While it remains, the authorities should do all they can to make the dodgers pay.
    • The dodgers need to know that they will be caught.