Translation of dodgy in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdɑdʒi/ /ˈdɒdʒi/

adjective dodgier, dodgiest

  • 1

    (unreliable, dubious)
    the brakes are a bit dodgy los frenos no andan muy bien
    • that pâté looks a bit dodgy ese paté tiene mala pinta
    • he's a dodgy character no es un tipo de fiar
    • A nifty footballer and a dab hand at catch and chase, Matthew admitted he thought he was going to lose her after she had an operation for a dodgy heart.
    • Nothing fazes him, least of all his dodgy heart, which he considers merely a blip on a perfect landscape.
    • Women who currently work the streets are putting themselves in danger not from the punters although some are dodgy but the pimps who extort these women.
    • We almost baulked at the dodgy exposed climb needed to reach it.
    • It was a dodgy existence, sharing more with high-risk adventure sports than gentlemanly pursuits.
    • According to British Vogue, things got rather dodgy in the mysterious land of Sardinia.
    • Still, the roads in this country are not very safe at night, and the airport is still a dodgy proposition.
  • 2

    (tricky) peliagudo
    (risky) arriesgado
    (risky) riesgoso Latin America