Translation of doesn't in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdəz(ə)nt/ /ˈdʌz(ə)nt/

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    • This may still make sense for some but for many of us it just doesn't work any more.
    • He has had a look at the opposition and doesn't believe there is anything to scare him.
    • Any voter who wants to vote but doesn't want to go to the station in person can apply to vote by post.
    • It is quite shocking but her character is the only one in the family who doesn't swear.
    • The main reason seems to be that he doesn't want them to see what life is like here.
    • My husband is very busy and doesn't have time to come swimming with us at the weekends.
    • He doesn't seem to care what you think of him but he's fascinated by what he thinks of you.
    • It's a shame that she doesn't have that much to do in the film until the closing stages.
    • He doesn't look his age and says that he feels and has the outlook of a younger man.
    • If she doesn't let up, he might have no option but to race for a replacement in four years.
    • Even if it is an addiction that doesn't explain why they started it in the first place.
    • So the current tactic is to tuck him back in first and if that doesn't work he gets a bottle of water.
    • The world really doesn't give you a lot of roadmaps to go by for that stage of life.
    • I want to be a new kind of politician, someone who doesn't want to go into it as a career.
    • In a way it doesn't surprise me that they seem to have jumped the gun on these trees.
    • You sense that the man behind it was a stoical man and stoicism doesn't talk too much.
    • I also believe that there is a bit more, but he has to be careful he doesn't run on empty.
    • Why doesn't she go down to the soup kitchens and cook for the people who have nothing?
    • He says there are two sides to the argument but doesn't say which side he agrees with.
    • If they want to award themselves titles that is up to them but it doesn't change a thing.