Translation of doff in Spanish:


Pronunciation /dɑf/ /dɔf/ /dɒf/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to doff one's hat to sb quitarse el sombrero / descubrirse ante algn
    • ‘Good afternoon, sir, nice to see you again,’ the liveried porter smiles and doffs his hat.
    • There was also the whole etiquette of uncovering your head in the presence of your betters and men doffing their hats to ladies and so forth.
    • Every man in the room duly doffed his hat, including the other photographers, much to the approval of the Royal couple and to the dismay of the bare-headed cameramen who were too busy with their hats to attend to their lens-caps.
    • When Edward doffed his black top hat to the crowd, the spectators lining each side of the track erupted as if they were spectators at a pop concert.
    • When's the last time 40 people doffed their hats to you?