Traducción de dog biscuit en español:

dog biscuit

galleta para perros, n.


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    galleta para perros femenino
    • Teacher also included this extension: ‘For every 10 kilometers, each dog got a dog biscuit.’
    • Dr. Morris called the police, Grace and Jasmine began straightening up the living room, and Willie took his dog home for a well-deserved dog biscuit.
    • For example, a simple stay or handshake may warrant a dog biscuit.
    • Sit outside and your pooch can sit with you, complete with his own water dish and a dog biscuit made on the premises.
    • They are the ugliest, worst tasting cookies this side of dog biscuits.
    • The dozens of galleries and antique shops are yet to open; when they do, many will have under-the-counter stashes of dog biscuits for any canine visitors.
    • Clearly, turning a blind eye whenever the permanently famished Donald surreptitiously dipped into the tin of dog biscuits brought its reward.
    • Besides feasting on goodies such as sausages, dog biscuits and chews, the guests will play games, such as tug the lead, chase the ball and musical dogs.
    • Two of the retired sheepdogs from the neighbouring farm occasionally come to visit us, and we make them welcome, give them a stroke or a brush and a few dog biscuits.
    • And as long as he's given enough attention and plenty of dog biscuits he never complains about the tasks he's given.
    • Okay, so maybe it doesn't beg per se, but at the very least it gets up and mooches over to the cupboard where the dog biscuits are kept.
    • Clearly, money is being spent on ornamental bird baths and organic dog biscuits in a variety of flavours.
    • On Railway Lake the carp provided all of the action with most fish falling to surface baits such as dog biscuits and floating bread flake.
    • I am fed up with doctors ordering me not to drink alcohol nor eat anything that is much more interesting than old dog biscuits.
    • They also spray the animals with a citrus scent as well as using simple ploys, like dropping dog biscuits.
    • Dogs may wander to desks seeking dog biscuits from sympathetic employees, but most stick with their owners.
    • Drive-through tellers hand out dog biscuits to customers who travel with their pooches.
    • The next course was a handful of dog biscuits, the last of her spare pet-food.
    • I was going to give her a few dog biscuits and water I had in the back of my car, but she was too wary.
    • Introduce a small number of dog biscuits to an area in which the fish are showing.