Traducción de dog handler en español:

dog handler

adiestrador de perros, n.


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    adiestrador de perros masculino
    adiestradora de perros femenino
    • Her body was discovered on Sunday, April 2, by a police dog handler walking along the river bank.
    • I looked out of the window and saw about 12 police officers with at least half of them armed and a dog handler and four police vehicles.
    • Twenty members of the volunteer team and a dog handler from the Search and Rescue Dog Association were called out by North Yorkshire Police just after midnight on Saturday morning.
    • An internal investigation is continuing and it could be weeks before the dog handler discovers if he faces any sanction from the police.
    • But when the suspect abandoned the Volvo S40 and jumped out on Adelphi Street, near the River Irwell, the dog handler chased him on foot.
    • A police dog handler - the first on the scene - smashed his way into the locked vehicle, dragged the children outside and gave them the kiss of life.
    • The incident on Friday afternoon began when a dog handler parked on Saxon Way, about half a mile from the airport, was routinely observing passing vehicles.
    • Regulations stated he could not enter a Category A prisoner's cell alone and only went in accompanied by three other officers, including a dog handler.
    • My aim is to become a police officer then gain promotion and be a dog handler.
    • Last year Coetzee applied to become a dog handler.
    • A dog handler and other officers received a barrage of abuse and were pelted with various missiles, Basildon Crown Court heard.
    • Around half a dozen officers and a dog handler searched the premises yesterday but did not recover any drugs or drugs paraphernalia.
    • The board feels a second dog handler would help the situation.
    • A fireman was shot as he tried to douse a blazing jobcentre and a police dog handler survived a bullet ricocheting inside his vehicle.
    • He became a skilled dog handler and was one of the Magnetic Pole party who established a sledging record of 41 miles in one day.
    • His body was finally discovered nearly four weeks later on April 2 by a police dog handler walking along the river bank.
    • At about 1.30 am a dog handler who was first on the scene smashed through a window and dragged the children out.
    • His gang had also been planning a raid on a post office in Bolton when it was inadvertently thwarted by a police dog handler.
    • A dog handler and the police helicopter were also called in as officers spent a tense two hours outside the house.
    • He fled but a police dog handler who was passing the pub tracked him down to a bungalow in nearby Little Cheverell.