Translation of doggerel in Spanish:


ripios, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɔɡərəl/ /ˈdɒɡ(ə)r(ə)l/


  • 1

    ripios masculine
    • All the performers wore cloth caps, in token of the proletarian poet whose doggerel verses about the Tay Bridge and its collapse in 1879 provided the work's text.
    • At that time the eighteen-year-old Victoria's feminine virules of sympathy and beauty were proclaimed in doggerel verse to the street ballad-reading public.
    • Afterwards, he sits on the city hall steps reciting doggerel verses on the vagaries of the day's decisions.
    • The characters are still frequently allegorical, but the comic or farcical element is more prevalent, the versification tends to doggerel, and they are shorter than the moralities.
    • She wrote well and often corresponded with friends in doggerel verse.
    • I always made sure that it was filled with the finest comic doggerel, epigrams, and songs of a light-hearted nature.
    • The first is the doggerel speech/beach rhyme - which says the poem will be foolish and has us lower our guard.
    • Their cries and shouting broke their doggerel rhythm into a chaos of shouts in which the words Truth and Rupert were most prominent.
    • Even random bits of doggerel cannot escape incorporation into the design.
    • It was sometimes amusing or even witty doggerel, but doggerel, and everyone knew about his voice.
    • Even more frustrating was the fact that all these topics were being lampooned in the rich underground repertoire of jokes, doggerel poems, and song parodies circulating among the public.
    • I could never understand why such abominable and silly doggerel as ‘Casey at the Bat’ ever became the canonical poem of both American baseball and the normalcy of failure in general.
    • A popular bit of doggerel underlined their usual futility in this fashion: ‘Washington, first in war, first in peace, last in the American League.’
    • For most of the 18th century, little was published beyond a few broadsheets containing topical doggerel allied to better-known folksongs, and until the advent of ballad opera there was little by way of popular theatre.
    • Packed with dense texts combining facts about globalization and war with anagrams and doggerel, the book tours an allegorical carnival studded with nightmarish rides and sideshow freaks.
    • A chemist, vet, optician, insurance agent and professional shutterbug, Samuel was known for his rhyming doggerel which was often published in the newspaper.
    • His education at Gonzaga ranged from the classics to Irish doggerel and limericks, which he could quote appropriately with astonishing effect.
    • The literal meaning of this piece of doggerel is similar to saying that someone would argue that black is white.
    • Before Ali left, he'd hugged and kissed them all and made up an original piece of doggerel for each.