Translation of doggone in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdɑ(ɡ)ɡɔn/ /ˈdɒɡɒn/

transitive verb

  • 1

    doggone it, the car won't start mecachis / me cacho en diez, el coche no quiere arrancar informal, euphemistic

adjective doggondest

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    dichoso informal
    condenado informal
    maldito informal
    • Wait a doggone minute!
    • This 1953 effort isn't a complete waste of time, but it comes doggone close.
    • Flood their doggone offices with requests to do something.
    • These two people need to sit in a room together and make a doggone decision right now.
    • And when you do that, you had doggone well better win.
    • Our technology correspondent joins us live with a look at some of the best doggone gadgets he could find.
    • That's why this arrest and this capture is so doggone important.
    • According to them, these are, if not the best of times, pretty doggone good times about which you'd have to be a fool to complain.
    • And that's what it's all about, and that's why this vote in Florida is so doggone important.
    • I've cut my feet chasing some of those doggone chickens.
    • I travel around the country, and there's a common sentiment - the tax code is too doggone complicated.
    • My birthday present came early this year, and since you seemed so doggone interested, I'm going to tell you all about it!
    • She speaks with uncanny timing in the most doggone delicious accent, and sings with irresistible sorcery.
    • The schedule might appear impressive if it weren't so doggone reckless.
    • My Pontiac wasn't just fast every once in a while; it was fast every doggone time down the racetrack.
    • If you'd stop spending all your money on cheap tank tops, you wouldn't be so doggone broke.
    • As before, her charm and doggone friendliness manipulate everyone to her way of thinking.
    • You know, that's what makes politics so doggone interesting.
    • That is probably what made her so doggone successful there in the loan office.
    • We're able to stop and change direction pretty doggone quick here.


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    you know doggone well that we can't go sabes requetebién que no podemos ir informal