Translation of dogsbody in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdɔɡzˌbɑdi/ /ˈdɒɡzbɒdi/

nounplural dogsbodies

mainly British
  • 1

    I'm just the general dogsbody around here yo aquí no soy más que el botones
    • I'm fed up with being his dogsbody estoy harta de ser su sirvienta
    • Barry, are you the office dogsbody who ends up doing the rubbish jobs the other hacks can't be bothered with?
    • His only employment for the whole of his life was as a menial dogsbody in various Catholic Hospitals.
    • I worked for nothing, was the office dogsbody, but I learned a lot, explained Rory.
    • The author has also previously worked as a chambermaid, a waitress and an office dogsbody in Friends of the Earth.
    • As the general dogsbody for the radio station, I'd been sent out to drag the stars back to our mobile studio, where they would be interviewed on air.
    • Instead of having a position of any responsibility I was the bottom of the bottom, the general dogsbody.
    • I started work as a dogsbody in a small City advertising agency at £13 pounds 10 shillings a week, and rented a room in Crouch End for £5 a week.
    • I became head of current affairs, BBC Television Northern Ireland, which sounds grand but I was basically a dogsbody.
    • Pity the poor dogsbody whose job it is to deliver the trophy in time for a post-match presentation at either Ibrox or Rugby Park.
    • He begins his story as the dogsbody of a big-time lawyer prosecuting a Roman senator for corruption.
    • He's a bit of a dogsbody really - Ray and Gene send him on all of the rubbish jobs.
    • We work with individual children, but we are treated as dogsbodies.
    • There were eight divers on my boat, and three non-divers as dogsbodies.
    • I reminded myself that I am professionally qualified and thus have more purpose than to act as personal assistant, clerk, typist and dogsbody to anybody.
    • ‘I decided to stay in the kitchen, rather than become a dogsbody in a hotel,’ said Kim.
    • When I was 18 I landed a job as an exhibitions dogsbody at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.
    • In early 1997, I applied to sit an exam to become a copyboy, a now extinct species of dogsbodies who once did everything journos couldn't be bothered doing.
    • They soon moved in together, falling easily into stereotypical roles, he as the dominant decision-maker, she as general dogsbody.
    • It's a funny old job - part teacher, part substitute mum or dad, part social worker and part dogsbody.
    • People seem to think we're here to drop everything when they need something, to take the blame for other people's bad behaviour and to generally take the role of dogsbody.