Traducción de doldrums en español:


la zona de las calmas ecuatoriales, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdoʊldrəmz/ /ˈdɑldrəmz/ /ˈdɒldrəmz/

sustantivo plural

  • 1the doldrums

    Geografía la zona de las calmas ecuatoriales
    Meteorología las calmas ecuatoriales
    to be in the doldrums estar de capa caída
    • we may come out of the economic doldrums next year el próximo año podríamos salir del bache económico
    • With conditions ranging from the unpredictable calms of the doldrums to the gale force winds and icebergs of the southern oceans, the Global Challenge is certainly not one for the faint-hearted.
    • On the equator there is little wind, mariners called this region the doldrums (after an old English word meaning dull) because they feared being stranded there.
    • The trade winds from both hemispheres converge towards the doldrums and a zone of low pressure, the equatorial trough, that girdles the earth.
    • They fear their relationship has lost momentum-the wind is gone and they've entered the doldrums.
    • Where this area lies over the oceans, it is called the doldrums.
    • One of the most challenging stretches will be the doldrums, the area around the equator where there may be only light winds for days on end.
    • The competitors will sail west to east, through the doldrums, round three capes, and will have to dodge icebergs in the gale-ridden Southern Ocean.