Translation of dole in Spanish:


de la seguridad social, n.

Pronunciation /doʊl/ /dəʊl/


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    (check/money) (before noun) de la seguridad social
    (check/money) (before noun) del paro Spain
    the dole el subsidio de desempleo
    • to be on the dole estar cobrando subsidio de desempleo
    • to go on the dole apuntarse para cobrar el subsidio de desempleo
    • the dole queue el número de desempleados
    • to join the dole queue pasar a engrosar las filas del desempleo
    • His bank at home transfers his dole money to a local bank here.
    • Those people going on the dole would have otherwise been employed and off the dole.
    • She said: ‘If he had had that first dole cheque on time my son might be alive today.’
    • Whole regions of the country went into serious decline, and unemployment and dole dependency skyrocketed.
    • Unemployed and facing the dole queue, this enterprising young man decided to set up his own business.
    • A broadside has been issued at ‘the dole office’ for alleged harassment of people who want to claim dole.
    • The three lads topped up their dole cheques with some cash-in-hand building work for Alan's dad, a building contractor.
    • Pocket money, dole or reduced pension does not stretch to these luxuries, since privatisation for profit precludes travel to and cost of entrance to these simple pleasures.
    • She left a scribbled note, saying she was going downtown to cash her dole cheque.
    • He was talking on Wednesday about plans by welfare groups to stage a protest against cuts in dole payments.
    • Our tax dollars get wasted on dole payments to businesses who then charge us more for the privilege of consuming the products we've already subsidised.
    • Chinese medicine subsidy may be granted to elderly dole recipients.
    • All these writers emphasise the resilience and diversity of unemployed protest, from the peaceful petitioning favoured by moderates to the mass resistance of anti-eviction struggles and dole strikes.
    • Its resistance was made possible not merely by its unionization but by the dole to the unemployed.
    • Many poor families could not afford such activities as swimming classes for their children, especially after dole payments were slashed by 11 per cent last year.
    • But the increasing number of low-income dole recipients shows that wages have generally stayed low and that its economy is not likely to fully recover in the short term.
    • Despite being laid off, workers are not yet entitled to any dole payments.