Traducción de dollarization en español:


dolarización, n.

Pronunciación /ˌdɑlərəˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/ /dɒlərʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    dolarización femenino
    • The costs of official dollarization compared with a currency board are somewhat different.
    • In particular, he emphasizes the loss of seigniorage as a result of moving from national currency to dollarization.
    • The easiest to implement would be dollarization at current parity.
    • Where inflation and nominal interest rates are very high, dollarization may improve government finances by increasing real revenue.
    • Inflation rates and past depreciation in the exchange rate were largely used as explanatory variables for dollarization.
    • Last but not least, full dollarization can improve the global economy by allowing for easier integration of economies into the world's market.
    • Despite these protests, the government has insisted that dollarization is in the best interest of its citizens.
    • In our ongoing analysis of international financial architecture, the author argues that dollarization is at most a second-best answer to currency confusion.
    • Leaders also revealed plans for a 48-hour stoppage on May 1 against the dollarization of the currency and for freedom for political prisoners.
    • In qualitative terms, the benefits of official dollarization also apply to a currency board system, although their quantitative significance will vary from country to country.
    • Financial markets in the U.S. dollar and euro, the two most likely currencies for countries considering official dollarization, are far deeper than those in any other currency.
    • Monetarists have also defended the use of currency boards and direct dollarization, that is, the abandonment of domestic currencies, for the same reason.
    • Things like fixed exchange rates or dollarization don't seem to work, but unfettered capital movements all too often result in a boom/bust cycle that seems wholly unnecessary.
    • The appreciated exchange rate and the partial dollarization of the local banking system are not necessary ingredients of a currency board regime.
    • The dollarization of local savings and credits played important roles in agents' perceptions and behavior.
    • The demonstrations rejected dollarization, corruption and the high cost of living.
    • I would argue that its economic future would be jeopardized by elimination of the currency board and that a better course would involve full dollarization.
    • For years a good part of the economics profession has been telling it to scrap the currency board in favor of dollarization.
    • They know from elsewhere that the dollarization process would hit them particularly hard.
    • He had disclosed his intention to carry on the dollarization programme set up by his predecessor.