Traducción de dolly bird en español:

dolly bird

bombón, n.

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anticuado, despectivo
  • 1

    bombón masculino coloquial
    ninfa femenino coloquial
    • They became real friends because he treated women as equals; he didn't regard her as a sexual object, as a dolly bird, which was the accepted thing at that time.
    • Billie plays Angel, a dolly bird, who is the object of Jimmy's desires.
    • It would be ridiculous for them to bring in some 22-year-old dolly bird.
    • Legwarmers originally hit the heights of popularity in the late 1960s and 70s when dolly birds added them to their thigh-skimming minis.
    • Even before the 1970s became fashionable again, I longed for shag-pile carpets, big collars, disco music and dolly birds.