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dolomita, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɑləmaɪt/ /ˈdoʊləmaɪt/ /ˈdɒləmʌɪt/

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    dolomita femenino
    • Vein minerals are aragonite, barite, calcite, dolomite, quartz, sphalerite, and whewellite.
    • Vein minerals are ferroan dolomite, barite, calcite, pyrite, and quartz.
    • Red chalcedony-lined geodes were prevalent at one time, their inclusions typically being quartz, calcite, ferroan dolomite, and iron sulfide microcrystals.
    • The order of deposition for the main vein minerals typically is dolomite, barite, and quartz.
    • Vein minerals are barite, calcite, ferroan dolomite, and sphalerite.
    • Barite, dolomite, and quartz crystals were scattered on the surfaces of the calcite.
    • Thus. it is clear that at one point in the history of these specimens they appeared as normal quartz crystals perched upon a matrix of rhombohedral carbonate, likely dolomite.
    • The concretion matrix is dominantly an interlocking mosaic of calcite, ferroan dolomite and quartz.
    • On the dumps I found galena, pyrite, and rugs full of quartz, dolomite, and a few tiny, water-clear fluorites.
    • Other carbonates, like dolomite, will fizz in cold acid only after they have been powdered.
    • Many choice specimens of sphalerite, calcite, galena, and dolomite could be collected from pillars and small areas not previously mined.
    • Orissa is rich in bauxite, the mineral that contains aluminium's raw material, as well as coal, limestone, silica, chromite, dolomite and nickel, to mention a few sources of its mineral wealth.
    • A 2000 study detected lead in some supplements made from oyster shells, the mineral dolomite, and bone meal.
    • Now, not in competition with dolomite, the quartz was able to form better-developed crystals.
    • Helicopters dropped 5,000 tonnes of sand, boron, dolomite, clay and lead onto it.
    • They are easy to grow - simply make a trench in prepared soil, dust with dolomite, add some blood and bone or animal manure with a light sprinkle of sulphate of potash.
    • Belgium is also an important producer of several industrial minerals, including limestone, dolomite, whiting, sodium sulfate, silica sand, and marble.
    • Military personnel were called on to drop thousands of tons of sand, clay, lead, dolomite, and boron on the damaged reactor to smother the radiation stream, often without adequate protection.
    • The mine produced excellent dolomite crystals that are arguably the best for the species from the United States.
    • In addition to large dolomite crystals, calcite " fans " and similar structures are frequently observed.