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delfinario, n.

Pronunciación /ˌdɑlfəˈnɛriəm/ /ˌdɔlfəˈnɛriəm/ /ˌdɒlfɪˈnɛːrɪəm/

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    delfinario masculino
    • Atlantic bottlenose dolphins are among the best-known to the public, from appearances in films and dolphinariums.
    • The proposed and controversial project to build a dolphinarium has been axed, in large part due to pressure its critics brought on those holding the purse-strings, animal rights groups say.
    • On the other hand, terrestrial species are more often domesticated, while only a few marine species are tamed, mainly in zoos, dolphinaria or so called ‘Sea Worlds’.
    • Alternatively, the family can watch a sea lion show at the water park, which has a dolphinarium and a host of water rides to delight the kids.
    • The therapy typically occurs in marine parks and dolphinariums as part of programs that allow people to swim with dolphins.
    • I am writing to appeal to readers not to visit dolphinariums when on holiday abroad.
    • There is a rather run-down amusement park with roller-coasters, a tower restaurant, and a dolphinarium presently under reconstruction.
    • There is also a dolphinarium and an impressive archaeological museum in the city and it is a good place to shop for leather goods and wooden or pottery crafts.
    • In 1977 South Africa limited the number of dolphinaria to two scientific institutes, despite attempts by entrepreneurs to establish additional facilities.
    • It's a place that rehabilitates dolphins rescued from dolphinarium and circus, and even those retired from military careers.