Translation of dolt in Spanish:


imbécil, n.

Pronunciation /doʊlt/ /dəʊlt/

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    imbécil masculine, feminine
    • It's foolish to complain about uninteresting times, especially when one of your favourite curses is to condemn fools, dolts and irritating people to live in times of an interesting kind.
    • What makes the dunderheaded dolt think he can pull it off?
    • More stupid, though, are the dolts revealed by this site.
    • Like the other movies on that short list, it combines teen angst, romance, and comedy while never presuming that its audience is full of dolts and idiots.
    • No riders seemed to have gone down as a result of those knuckle-dragging dolts.
    • There's a strong satirical tradition of lovable dolts coming to the big city and getting taken up as primitive geniuses by shallow cafe society.
    • And when a quote-unquote commercial writer finally gets noticed, chances are, she'll be treated to an acid-etched takedown that drips with scorn, not only for her, but for the dolts dumb enough to read her stuff.
    • In short: is the world's greatest deliberative body really filled with this many dim bulbs, card sharps and overstroked dolts who confuse a leaden pause with great rhetoric?
    • As much as I like to rip into these dolts, I do get worried about how younger kids will defend themselves against such well-crafted messages that try to make their decisions for them.
    • And the dolts who planted the bug in the mayor's office?
    • Someone figured out that large percentage of their traffic consisted of lazy dolts like me who realized their tabs were due, so they set up a line just for tabs.
    • The story ended before Archer gave his speech, and of course the dolts on the message boards complained that we didn't hear what he said.
    • Since it's not funny, and it's rarely interesting, I know this movie bored even the dolts in the audience.
    • Once again, shareholders were pictured as dolts, unable to find their way off a stalled escalator.
    • I'm sure those dolts down in accounting feel the same way about what you do with your checkbook.
    • Mainstream media is not the way it is because it's run by dolts.
    • Then I realized that the the form of the final copy was sometimes dictated by unsophisticated dolts.
    • Imagine a room full of oblivious dolts, and I'm taking advantage of them for personal gain.
    • Causing indiscriminate, unintentional pain is the mark of a bully or a dolt, while accepting pain as simply one's lot in life is a victim mentality.
    • And yet this myth of the destructive editor - the dolt with the blue pencil - is pervasive, not least in academe.