Translation of dominate in Spanish:


dominar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdɑməˌneɪt/ /ˈdɒmɪneɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1


intransitive verb

  • 1

    (have control)
    • A power that dominates Eurasia would control two of the world's three most advanced and economically productive regions.
    • And humans do not attain lasting joy by power grabbing, dominating others, or heaping up public acclaim.
    • My preference is for a pluralistic world, not dominated by any single power.
    • After all, the choice of candidates is still dominated by fixers and power players.
    • However, we know that if government continues to dominate the market the private sector will never develop.
    • Frustrated by a lack of progress in an industry still dominated by men, women are fighting on several fronts.
    • They dominated territorially for long periods yet were left frustrated by their inability to break down a solid defence.
    • Neither side dominated territorially for the remainder of the match.
    • The opposition had no chance to speak to the public via the state-controlled media, which totally dominates the market.
    • However, the government was increasingly dominated by the Conservatives.
    • In a sport utterly dominated by a handful of nations, it's pretty much a closed shop.
    • The world's money is now dominated by giant financial corporations.
    • Thus, markets were increasingly dominated by a small number of large vertically integrated enterprises.
    • First, it is a defined geographic market dominated by a handful of big players with plenty of reach.
    • The home side dominated proceedings and took the lead midway through the first half.
    • What he pointed to, is that apparently weak forces actually can dominate what seem to be strong forces.
    • In our electronic culture the image dominates to an extent that can almost reduce the words to extras.
    • The right wing can only dominate to the extent that the vacuum opened up on the left remains unfilled.
    • The French have dominated decision-making about agricultural standards.
    • The first was a growing misapprehension regarding the possible effects of a world dominated by a single superpower.
  • 2

    to dominate (over sth) predominar (sobre algo)
    in these discussions the question of the economy dominated el tema de la economía dominó las conversaciones
    • Two separate but important developments dominated newspaper headlines this week.
    • Today was for the student press, which is rather important in a town dominated by its university.
    • It translates not only to those short gains but, more notably, to his knack of dominating the most important games.
    • He remains on course for the victory he needs to keep this year's title race alive after dominating the Rally of Italy yesterday.
    • For as long as I can remember there has always been one team that dominates the year's racing.
    • The first three dominated their respective races and were clear winners.
    • Despite starting from the back of the grid, they dominated every race and broke the lap record.
    • It looked like I was dominating the race, but I wasn't really.
    • From dominating the race before and after the Second World War, French riders have gradually lost their grip over the race.
    • Thoughts of my dominating this race quickly turned to thoughts of my finishing this race.
    • In the race, he put his head down and took the quick car to the front and pretty much dominated the race.
    • He would never sit back and relax because he could always go faster, win more races and dominate a little more.
    • For some reason, my mindset was to go out there and try to run away from the beginning and to dominate the race.
    • When you are used to dominating a race, controlling the pace, increasing and decreasing the tempo when you like, just to sit and wait can be almost painful.
    • After a week dominated by railway matters, it seems worth reminding ourselves just how fragmented the system is.
    • In Victoria last week one topic completely dominated the headlines: police corruption.
    • Many have returned to their native land having failed to dominate racing.
    • He had dominated racing this year with six victories in seven starts.
    • Michael Jordan made a less than triumphant return to the city where he dominated for a decade.
    • He also does not consistently dominate at that level like a future NFL player should.