Translation of donation in Spanish:


donativo, n.

Pronunciation /doʊˈneɪʃ(ə)n/ /də(ʊ)ˈneɪʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    donativo masculine
    donación feminine
    to make a donation (to sth) hacer una donación / un donativo (a algo)
    • On Wednesday the school sent a letter to parents asking for donations and the money started to flood in.
    • Many of his sponsors doubled their donations, and the money was presented last Friday.
    • In addition, our charitable trust provides donations to national and local causes.
    • A team of six staff helped shoppers pack their groceries in return for donations to the charity.
    • The group depends on grants, donations and parental contributions to keep going.
    • The service is free to listeners, though some do send donations with their returned tapes.
    • It has had a long history of gifts, donations and support from the local community.
    • Financial donations to the victims' families have reached more than a billion dollars.
    • A couple who gave their 50th blood donation were presented with awards to mark their achievement.
    • However, these kinds of charitable donations are not tax-deductible.
    • Giving a charitable donation in the name of a friend is another way to avoid handing over unwanted gifts.
    • They are unelected activists, funded by private donations from wealthy individuals and foundations.
    • Two large individual donations have also been announced for the school's new home.
    • There is a vital need for kidney organ donations.
    • Sending a cash donation directly to a local church or synod may sound like a wonderful idea.
    • As well as this kind gesture many other people have given cash donations to the strike fund.
    • In addition, many patients are waiting for blood or bone marrow donations.
    • Vanessa raised hundreds of pounds for the charity by playing requests in exchange for donations to the appeal.
    • We have set up donation boxes at the toilets and every little bit helps.
    • The fund was established in 1995, mainly based on donations from the public.
  • 2

    donación feminine
    • New artefacts are being brought in all the time either by donation or bequest.
    • The event saw a brief presentation on eye donation followed by a question and answer session.
    • We know that many relatives say no to organ donation simply because they do not know what their loved one would have wanted.
    • How many of us actually carry donor cards, or even think about donation beyond going to a blood bank every now and again?
    • But this makes the shortage of organs for donation even more severe and people are dying as a result.
    • It was at that stage that her family started seriously considering organ donation.
    • Perhaps the best way to illustrate the importance of blood donation is to look at a case history.
    • The informal show will be staged next Thursday and Friday evening, with admission by donation.
    • Her parents freely gave their consent for donation of any of her organs.
    • He paid tribute to the officers who broach the subject of tissue donation with bereaved families.
    • He made large charitable donations to the school until his death.
    • Introduce full state funding for political parties, and ban private political donations.
    • Therefore this is your last opportunity to make that all-important gift or cash donation to the charity.
    • If you haven't been tested for bone marrow donation, consider getting tested.
    • We would encourage you to be as generous as you can with your donations to the appeal.
    • The Information Centre in Regent Street will also take donations of clothing and bedding.
    • All donations of household items in serviceable condition and clean modern clothes are welcome.
    • Donations of items for the auction and stalls is now most welcome.
    • Any donations of small items or old toys will be gratefully accepted.
    • I can do this only through the sustained support and generous donations of the general public.