Traducción de donga en español:


zanja, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɑŋɡə/ /ˈdɔŋɡə/ /ˈdɒŋɡə/

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inglés de Sudáfrica
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    (causada por la erosión) zanja femenino
    • For decades too it had no storm water drainage, resulting in potholes and dongas opening up.
    • According to a report tabled by the provincial standing committee on public works - which toured the province in June to assess roads and infrastructure - bridges are collapsing and dongas are developing.
    • Some people have even requested that the traffic department not issue fines for unroadworthy vehicles because their cars had been damaged by dongas in the roads…
    • While he said there was not much vegetation damage, the road would cause dongas in the forest due to soil erosion along steep areas.
    • The department tried to repair the donga by filling it with soil, but this had since been washed away.
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    (water channel)
    barranco (seco) masculino