Traducción de donkeywork en español:


trabajo pesado, n.


(donkey work)
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    trabajo pesado masculino
    to do the donkeywork hacer el trabajo pesado
    • As the vast majority of his work was formulaic, this method saved a great deal of donkey work, while at the same time, it served as theory exercises for his pupils.
    • The donkey work of this book was done by a ghostwriter.
    • The donkey work had been done - the intricate brushing away of thousands of years of dust and soil was a task undertaken by the steady handed experts.
    • His almost unnoticed donkey work was the catalyst for a superb performance.
    • He did the donkey work and the dirty work, and sat back dismissively as his country, or rather its patrician rulers, disowned him.
    • We do a lot of donkey work yet we are the poorest paid in the country.
    • I did everything - put up the set, did the donkey work and acted.
    • I've done all the donkey work and I feel that I am in good enough shape to be the world champion in a couple of a days.
    • My workload is going to increase, but I'm going to have more time to do things properly and have to implement a communication/delegation system so I'm not doing all the donkey work.
    • It was another of those decisions that are made without me, despite the fact that I will be expected to share in the donkey work and generally help deal with things.
    • Fortunately, the donkey work had been done before my visit.
    • Drug barons operate out of a dockside warehouse, employing some of their fellow countrymen to do the donkey work.
    • We might get the bulk of the scores, but they do all the donkey work to create the scores.
    • Amidst the donkey work, disruption and bills, I was thinking about his suggestion that he might build new nuclear power plants.
    • He received his pass and proceeded to carry out the donkey work of barraging through three tackles along the goal line.
    • For my own purposes, I would prefer to invest the £30,000 in bank shares, and to let them do the donkey work instead.
    • The Sherpas are the toughest people in the Himalayas and they do all the donkey work for most of the climbing expeditions in the Nepal and Tibet areas.
    • Then they recruited him (not their first choice, incidentally) to do the donkey work.
    • It generated a large volume of posts on the subject, therefore they were doing all the donkey work of establishing the system as a serious contender.
    • Some successful scientists make their careers by hammering away at one experimental technique that they are good at, and by gathering a gang of co-workers to do the donkey work.